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Our  PM  wants a strong lokpall bill 


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I hope "strong lokpall bill" here reffers to

A bill which allows Dr Manmohan Singh (sadly PM of our country) and his team to easily fill up their Swiss bank account and to let country destroy by exposing such scams every year.

I must add

"kaun kehta hai ki aj hum sone ki chidiya nahi hai,

arrey un logon ko mein bta dun

desh to aj bhi sone ki chidiya hai 

par aaj iss praja ke raja sone ke nahi rahe."

jai hind

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Yesterday i was surprised to see in the news that, the Congress-I CM of Assam was too wearing an Anna-Cap and was Supporting for a "Strong lokpal bill"  ????????



WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON .................... ??????????????????????????????


the thing which is going on is "people of our country are fed up of this party full of corruption"

and after all CM is also a human being.


People across the country and cutting amongst party lines have made some tangible and prudent remarks.

Sanjay Nirupam remarked no other political party has stated that they shall make it a practice to invite social groups before taking major decisions. It is an important observation. Public shall get big relief if this become a practice or law. All parties should subscribe to it or made to subscribe to it.

The debate initiated on Lokpal/Janlokpal Bill has brought the citizens together and display the power of common man. The knowledgeable ones and intellectual have poked holes in the facade created by so called spokesperson of the party and government.

-Sansad is Supreme. Laloo thundered we shall not let undermine anyone the supremacy of Sansad (read us who sit in sansad). We will make the law, we are chosen ones, and Anna (read public) is not above us. The million dolor question is does he deserve to sit in sansad? The free answer is that the protection (approvals required to proceed) to these guys is till the time they are in Sansad and once Janlokpal bill is enacted the layers of protection shall evaporate. The corrupt politician and bureaucrat shall be booked and removed and punished.

Constitutional Expert Narimasn has replied "People come before Constitution"

Power should be hands of public to bring change. Power of voters, voting responsibly.

There can be new challenges in future, and if we are united, we can face them too.

Musharraf conducted referendums (Everyone knows what it was) and got himself elected as President. It doesn’t appear that he shall ever come back. The unfortunate part is he was able to escape/allowed to escape and he has the wealth to live in comfort, for rest of his life.

The assets of corrupt should be snatched and distributed amongst all Indian, rich or poor, young or old, and we Indian and our India shall be richest in the universe.

If public is united and we have strong and fearless leaders producing and mentoring younger generation to come and lead, such nuisance can not happen with us.

Anna Has been responsible and wisely coined “ Main Anna Hoon”. Behind me there shall be an army of Anna Hazare’s.

It has been a peaceful demonstration of public power. They have not incited the public and there no self immolations, violence.

Let us join hands and make social groups in all cities and report corruption and fight it, together.

Consultant & Legal Analyst

Any Lokpal bill cannot be strong unless the politicians adopt ethics for themselves and possess a strong will to sincerely end corruption. Corrupt people find alternative ways of corruption to defy the legal provisions.




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