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I am rohit from delhi, got married in Feb 2012 to a girl from Kaithal (Haryana), its an arranged marriage, arranged by a common relative.  We already knew about the girl's father's nature that he is little rude, but we never knew he is that rude and stubborn that he can make our lives like hell.  He is not doing this alone, his daughter (my wife) and son are supporint him.  On each and every small thing, she keeps on fighting, gets angry and use bad words for my family.
She is living the best life here, in terms of clothes, foods, outings with me, shopping, personal care, everything, What ever she says I get for her, she is good now and very bad in another 1 hr, un-pridictable.  
She with the help of her father keeps torturing me, and if in anger sometimes i say something in return, she calls her brother and he starts giving me warnings.    Whenever she shouts at me, being in the same place, my brother and mother gets tensed which bother me a lot.  My mother is a diabitic and depression patient, My brother is already struggling with his business, I dont want to give them more botheration.  I have been suffering a lot, cant even concentrate on my work. (I have been working with one of the top software company from last 6 years).
What she wants is to sell our house and get seperated which I do not want.  I can never leave my parents in this condition and in this age, Also my brother worked hard and he compromised with his studies just because of family.  He started working in very early age because the only earning source (my father) met with road accident, lost his brain and got bed-ridden.  About my mother, she has also struggled a lot in her life, my father met with accident in 1994, it has been 18 years my mother is taking good care of her husband who is mentally in-balanced and bed ridden.  How can I leave my family like this.  And on the other hand, I am not even 1% sure that after leaving my family and getting seperated from them, she can be a good wife.  No chance.
She and her brothers / father has been a big pain in our lives.  I have read few articles in net about these kind of cases, I have well understood that the husband and his family will be the final culprits, and they have to pay compensate / penalties / maintainance.
Now kindly help me to know legally, what all shall we do to escape from her.  Oh I forgot to mention, these days she has started threatening us that she may do something to her if she doesnt get seperated from this house.  Please help me to know if we can file a divorce case against her cruelty.  What best can we do to get rid of her.  I just do not want to continue this relationship with her.
Kindly help.
practicing advocate

The reason for the differntiate between you and your wife is your father in law.  This problem can be sorted out thru., the help of the elders of your society.  You can also convince your wife properly.



Take help of elders & be realistic in ur approach, both of u.

Early marriage blues are very common. Do not let the situation go out of control. If need be remain separate for a couple of days n then approach each other afresh!


Thanks Rajeev Sir, We have tried a lot and still trying to convince her about the life she is living is the best she can ever have.  Still on the other hand, just trying to be on little safer side knowing the facts about these kind of cases from internet and also knowing the law in India for these kind of cases.  It will be very difficult to get out of danger if the situation attacks all of a sudden.

Thanks again for your inputs.


I have deep sympathies for Mr. Khurana, I would like to ask one doubt here with anticipation that our learned experts will reply to this:

As Mr. Khurana stated that his wife started threatening him and the family that she will do something which will harm her and the family of Mr. Khurana will be in soup. I wish to seek advice from our experts that if any lady is giving threats like this, can the family or the husband approach to police/court and file a complaint? What will happen if after filing this complaint, the girl or her family members file a case under 498a?

Kindly advice...


@sukendu.. even i wanted to know this. My wife also threatened the same way and last week she left my home.

But after having read many answers of the experts in this forum, the girl will file 498a, if you file a police complaint against her or her family parents/ brothers.

@rohit... when a wife starts threatening, then in my personal opinion, she will never stick to your family. Getting rid of her is the best solution. Otherwise, you will never find peace in your life.




Yes, she may file 498a in retaliation to ur complaint. A threatening wife+ a shrewed advocate is a lethal combination!

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Yes- follow the instruction of experts. Don't take hard step this will destroy your matrimonial life.

Cool down- and sattel your fmatrimonial life.

Get help of your parents and relatives- those have a experience of life. this will help you to save your matrimonial life.

If  will take hard step- Its sure she will file 498A, 323, 504,506 IPC/ Dv act, Domestic violence act/maintenance cases against you and your family.


Dear Mr. Rohit,

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