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Shalini (Engg)     17 November 2009

Passport for Minor -- ANNEXURE ‘G’

hi all,

I am leaving separate from my husband from last 3.5 years and we have a son whoes custody is with me(I havelegal documnet for that from SDM, Kurukshetra), Now I want to get his Passport, but as I am separted and my husband wont sign his documents then I need to submit Annexure G with the Passport application which needs to be attested by Judicial Megistrate only.

Can check the same using Link:

Could anybody tell me the way around for the same as we dont have any known in Judiciary, and I guess no Megistrate would entertain us without that.


I will be highly obliged whosoever will help me in getting the same..

Thanks & Regards

Shalini Garg


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A V Vishal (Advocate)     18 November 2009


My advise would be approach some passport agent near the Passport office and he get the affidavit done for you. Since the passport rules specifically are clear about this there is no other way. I think it would not take much time for the same.

Shalini (Engg)     18 November 2009

thanks Mr Vishal,

I have visited Passport office, and asked many known people, but i didn't get any Passport Agent for same. Could anybosy help me in the same.



saumit joshi (advocate)     18 November 2009

please contact to the District Judge for the same if Judicial magistrate denies.he will definately help you.

Shalini (Engg)     18 November 2009

I dont know anything about that, but i m trying for the same now...

saumit joshi (advocate)     18 November 2009

you and your son must remain present there for executing contact to your district judge ok.

Shalini (Engg)     18 November 2009

But I guess DM is consider as an administartor not judicial judge, pls explain..

saumit joshi (advocate)     18 November 2009

district judge empowered to do such kind of things.and he ordered to magistrate under him for the attested this affidavit. because now a days judicial magistrate generally denies to attest such affidavit.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     18 November 2009

 Is it also one of the duties of the magistrates to attest affidavits? If he declines, make a complaint to the High Court/Sessions Court. 

This attitude of remaining in perpetual fear is the root cause of our ills most of the time. 

By the way, are you a legal divorcee? What do you mean "separated from my husband".

For the present, an advocate will get you the affidavit.

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Ashvin Khambhata (advocate)     18 November 2009

Pl contact Public Notary who also hold the power of  Judicial Magisrate in respet  of  jaffidavit .The public notary is given powers of judicial magistrate under Notaries Act.

Ashvin Khambhata (advocate)     18 November 2009

Pl contact Public Notary who also hold the power of  Judicial Magisrate in respet  of  jaffidavit .The public notary is given powers of judicial magistrate under Notaries Act.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     18 November 2009

 I respectfully submit that the Passport Officer won't understand that the Notary Public has the same powers in matters of affidavit more so when the application reaches the Clerk. He will see that it is not before the "Judicial Magistrate" and straightaway reject it.

It reminds me of an interesting incident that  happened with me. I decided to apply for a passport for my son who was just six months old. With all the documents and proof, I applied. If I remember correctly there was no application fee - only passport application form was priced at Rs.50. Page 10 of the form required signature of the applicant where I signed as his father and to make them understand I wrote "The child is six months old and can't sign". Pat came my application back with the remark "Signature of the applicant required on page 10". I sent back the application with a forwarding letter explaining again the position. In Hindi, we call such people "LAKIR KA FAKIR" i.e. bereft of any wisdom and following the dotted lines.

My letter had no effect on the mandarins of Passport Office. The application form cam back again with the remark "signature of the applicant required on page 10".

I felt that the dumb fools won't understand anything. I sent a long letter to Mr. Romesh Bhandari, who was then the Foreign Secretary and sent with the letter all the correspondence. The Passport to my son was issued within the same week.

Moral of the story is to settle the affidavit before the Judicial Magistrate as mentioned in Annexure G.

In India, from birth to death, at every step we settle affidavits. Most of them are fake and false but law is satisfied when it sees it on non-judicial stamp paper which again is fake.

Shalini (Engg)     19 November 2009

I truly respect you all feelings, but I think we need these many affidatives for everything here only in INDIA, but right now for me Law is Law, and we need to foloow this, but I know people who are sitting on their position dont want to take any responsibility and dont want to work at all, because of which we common people need to suffer.

I dont know If I do a apeal against a Judge in High court/Supreme Court, then how will i prove that Judge has said NO to me, As I have already visited Noida and Ghaziabad Courts and contacted 9-10 Judges and they said no directly.


PLEASE HELP ME IN THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shalini (Engg)     19 November 2009

Living seprately means Living sepratly, as we dont want to live togather, as we both have diffrent opinion for life(so many other things are also there), but there is nobody who can help us in getting mutual Divorce, and because I know judiciary in India I dont want to go for Divorce through Court, so just living sepratly no other option.





Anil Agrawal (Retired)     19 November 2009

 Please spend some money, get the affidavit and forget the whole thing. Getting your work is more important than making complains which will go to the waste paper basket. As those who have added years to their age.

Kasab is State Guest and you are talking of making complains to HC and SC?


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