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Radhey (Owner)     05 November 2010

Our Festivals show our Plight

Exceptions prove the rule.

Let not be misguided by the bright white line on the black board, rather see that beneath this line the whole board is black.

Simlarly our festivals do not show that our lives are happy rather they show that our lives are full of plight.

We had to invent these festivals to be happy, mechanically.But such a happiness can never be genuine.Can you fix a particular day or time to be happy and Utsavmaya (full of festivity).

Such a zeal and joy is Naqli.Such zeal and joy and festivity is a patchwork just to hide the plight and pain and sorrow underneath our real lives--May give a temporary feeling of happiness but is self deceptive.

Can not we see it?

I denounce hereby all such festivals and call upon efforts to make our lives happier in a genuine way.

Until then I am not sorry to say that I can not wish Happy Diwali to any of my friends.


Plz, Contribute......


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Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     05 November 2010

You do have a point and a solid one at that. 


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Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     05 November 2010


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     05 November 2010

Very right.Being eternally happy is more important.Then each day will become a colourful festival.

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Democratic Indian (n/a)     05 November 2010

Author is absolutely correct. But this also does not mean a little occasional celebration done in moderation, by the people working like donkeys all round the year, to earn their bread and butter is harmful. Even donkeys after finishing the work at end of the day, if they have a hearty and tasty meal, they celebrate their happiness by baying aloud and rolling on the ground. Yes in a way we are also behaving like donkeys. Broadly I agree with the opinion of author, he has touched a truth.
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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     05 November 2010

First go in to the depth of celebration of festivals, the reason behind the festivals. These drive our life cycle and economy.

It is anyone personal choice whether he/she will celebrates it or not, whatever are the reasons.


Also it is not good to raise these types of cheap, populist tactics to demean or denounce each and every festival especially on the eve of those festivals. It shows sick mindedness.  


Every idea or thought be it right or wrong, has many takers.


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Dear Radhey,

I think festivals are "social occasions" and when we want lots of people to be part of our happiness, some planning (dates etc) have to go into it. They become a farce when people are forced to put on a mask of happiness and forget their personal pain. We can change that by letting people find their own way to celebrate and not judging them for not wanting to be a part of it.
Recently I was myself invited by a cousin to dinner and I wanted to decline because I don't have any vacation! I am a freelancer and around this time I have deadlines to take care of. But my mum has pestered me to say yes. I will pay a token visit and make it short. Similarly I have another cousin who comes to India once a year, never replies to a simple email and expects all relatives to act warm and friendly when he invites us all to dinner.  I never go. We don't really have to be a part if we don't feel like it.
I only make time for people who are there for me throughout the year to share my joys and sorrows. For others, I will go if I have the mood, otherwise no.

I hope you have a wonderful Diwali! True happiness comes from within - if somebody is not feeling up to it, or is going thrugh a hard time, we need to show genuine caring instead of burdening them with expectations.

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Radhey (Owner)     05 November 2010

Ashutosh Ji,

U say

"It is anyone personal choice whether he/she will celebrates it or not, whatever are the reasons."

"Also it is not good to raise these types of cheap, populist tactics to demean or denounce each and every festival especially on the eve of those festivals. It shows sick mindedness.  "

My take---

It is a personal choice to celebrate or not---right then what is the problem --U feel if i denounce such festivals--I have given my reasoning --what is Ur reasoning in declaring my views as sick-----And how can U prove that my ideas are cheap and populist tactics----first understand that even 100 of such post would not give me anything at all---people out of LCI (even many at LCI)--do not care at all what is happening over here.Or to say, U be active even on 10 more sites on NET,then also none would care in the real world, whatsoever U are doing here --no name or fame can be gotten like this---PPL who are already famous or infamous, get maximum attention at the NET.Hope the point is clear.

And a person, who is wishing all a happy life and trying to think for a Genuinely Happy society is sick according to U.....


The happiness of our festivals is a programmed happiness----not a genuine one----hence I denounce it and urge all to think of having a society happy naturally like kids.

Not single word, I have written to hurt Ashu Ji or any other friend over here, but just to express my genuine feelings, hope my words would be taken in that spirit only.

I may be mentally sick, but again wish a happy and good life to all.

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Dear Radhey, I have a direct say for you that you did your duty very well and filled the space. Now let the people take it at their choice. Those are very sick all the time and if they are happy with firing crackers and creating sound to show their religious greatness and happy in increasing sound polution and global warming which is like throwing the world to slow poisoned death, they are criminals of nature. If you go to convince them they will take it against their religion which is filled in their brains. Unfortunate and helplessness is that we are also forced to suffer with this noise. To convince OSAMA BIN LADEN is very difficult but like impossible as he feels happiness in death and not in life with happiness.
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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     05 November 2010




Dear Ashutosh ji, aap to bahut gyaani pandit hain, so krupya hamen "RADHEY" ka matlab samza deejiye ki vastav me "RADHE" kisko kahte hain? Kisi "WALI" ko ya kisi "WALE" ko, swami shree 100000001 ji maharaaj???

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Radhey (Owner)     05 November 2010


Ashutosh Ji,   U know me very well, whether  I am from pagalkhana or where else----I am really amazed at Ur sudden out burst.

And U also know that what type of understanding I have, yet U failed to understand,I am amazed.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     06 November 2010

My Dear Radheyji,

I never outburst on anyone and nor will I ever.

Actually there is Bhajan "Radhey Radhey Barsane wali Radhey", so in sense of humor I have said this to you. Since I think I have a right to joke with u.

I have expressed my views to your posting, since I know you, whether agree or differ. And always have expressed/contributed on your post since beginning.

I too have not celebrated deepawali, have not lit even a single “DIYA” but it is my personal choice.

I believe and follow the principle of the Great Bird “HANS” which drink milk only leaving behind the water. So Pick Up the Best Things and leave the Rest.

Nothing is bad rather depends how and when do we take it.

Also I do not take anything seriously.  And any comment on me is wholeheartedly accepted.

Radhey (Owner)     06 November 2010

OK,Ashu Ji, its Ur freedom to express urself.

But believe me , I have gotten nothing from the NET---name/fame/infame etc.....

But a satisfaction of self expression and mutual learning. I do not post anything expecting anything more than that.

I would like my ideas to be more known but NET can not give such an exposure, this way.

There are ways but costlier ones.

Till then my dear Bro, wish U a Good and Great life...

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     06 November 2010

Yes it is good to have lot of ideas, learning tendencies and curipousity. And when any idea come to LCI I have right judge, whether right or wrong. I can not post reply to please you, then u may say that Ashutosh is butterring me.

Anyway a big Thanks to You,


Also let me tell u that u r a bigger factor in change in my username.


"Actually long back I wanted to make this change, but was forgetting every time. So Deepawali  Ke Is pawan Awasar par Maine Change Kar Hi Diya”. Actually this was a mistake, which I have corrected.

Better late than never."

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