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Original Sale deed laminated

Page no : 2

girishankar (manager)     16 January 2010

Respected Rao Garu,

I am not answering for the genueinety of the Document... I thought for a alternative......I want know whetere the deed which  is required for martgage is needed without a lamination ?

Adv. K.S.A.Narasimha Rao (legalquestadvisor@gmail.com )     16 January 2010

Dear Girishanker garu,

Generally in Financial Institutions, the mortgage will be created on Title Deeds to avoid any entry of mortgage on title in the registration books and to save stamp duty, since in this case, the original Title Deed was Laminated, the Officer of Financial Instition will not take any personal responsibility get mortgage of title deeds. Hence, the only option left with her is to execute a Mortgage deed by all the legal heirs of her father in respect of the property in favour of Financial Institution.

S.A.Narasimha Rao Karri


prakash makhijani (Director(Contracts))     16 January 2010

 apply for a duplicate copy officially . that you can submit . alternatively get a copy by filing application under RTI

Jithendra.H.J (Lawyer)     16 January 2010

 Girishankar, rightly suggested the alternative,  

certified copy can be submitted along with the laminated one.

Jithendra.H.J (Lawyer)     16 January 2010

 still they deny to lend money, it means they are not interested in giving the loan

girishankar (manager)     17 January 2010

Thank U Jitendra....... Even a common man / Layman sugestion / idea is respected ...... Once again I thank u....  All the  Best Deepika Go and try or fight........HR should be valued

girishankar (manager)     17 January 2010

 Deepika If they deny to lend money ask them to give the  reasons in writing............Lets Hope GOD that Ur loan will be Sanction without any Hurdles or Mediators....


mukesh aggarwal (advocate)     17 January 2010

No law creates any restriction that loan cannot be granted on a laminated title deed. Basically the creditor has to retain the sale deed as a security and it is neither to be marked anywhere for the purpose of mortgage nor is any such requirement that it should be free from lamination. You may ask the concerned officer to give you in writing about the reasons for not accepting the laminated sale deed as a security for loan. In case of refusal, you may ask for the information about the relevant rules by making an application under the RTI Act.  

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     17 January 2010

I concur with Mukesh in toto.  Loan can be secured either my Equitable Mortgage or Registered Memorandum by Deposit of title deeds.  In both instances, creditor does not need to meddle with the original documents except by physical possession.  However, granting or declining a loan rests with the sole discretion of the financial insitution which cannot be challenged as they can put up 'n' number of reasons to support their credit decision. Being a banker and lawyer myself  I advise you to withdraw the loan application and approach any nationalised bank to avail your need based credit requirement.

girishankar (manager)     17 January 2010

Well Said Mr. Partha Sir, Now a days getting a educational loan itself has become with Sole Discretaion power of a Manager of the Bank whts abt other loans all cums under Discretion Power only.....

Dear Deepika if you hav any realations in a Bank Your well be elgible to get laon without any Documents....All the Best ......Go in search of A Relation ...Prblm Solved... JAI HIND.....

Parthasarathi Loganathan (Advocate)     17 January 2010

I totally disagree with Giri. Public Sector Banks always act as catalyst in the developmental needs and the overall welfare of  society.  Considering the rise of NPA beyond the control of bankers lending norms have been streamlined to ensure that only the deserving gets the need based credit as afterall, Banks deal with the public money.  No generalisation can be made.  That does not construe that all banks fall under your false assumption.  I need to mention here that many banks have achieved the government stipulated targets prescribed for Education sector.  Let us confine this discussion purely towards Lamination of Sale Deed matter.

girishankar (manager)     17 January 2010

Well Said Partha Sir Let us confine this discussion purely towards Lamination of Sale Deed matter only not getting a loan in Bank.......we should guide in right manner how Deepika's Prblm to get solved.....Only regrdg laminated document...............For Bank loan  Prblm's there are lots of thread and forum......... AS U Not all Bank or Mnagers are Judges....

girishankar (manager)     17 January 2010

We are Not TATA or AMBANI or any other bussiness ppl to get our loan Sanctioned  easily..........

Adv. K.S.A.Narasimha Rao (legalquestadvisor@gmail.com )     17 January 2010

Here I do agree with Mr. Parathasarathi and i disagree the comments of Sri Girishanker, If Banks are only providing loans for only like AMBANI or TATA, then Banks only run with those two groups. but it is not so. try to recognise that.

with a Laminated Title Deed, an officer cant take his job on risk with regard to genuninty that is why they dont agree for laminated copy, with regard to certified copy, there is no use for banks, as they are not disagree with the content of laminated copy. and certified copy is only a replica of original copy.

Hence, the only source for Deepika to avail loan is creation of loan by way of executing a Mortgage Deed.


Adv. K.S.A.Narasimha Rao (legalquestadvisor@gmail.com )     17 January 2010

It is wrong to say that Banks are not interested to give loans

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