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Sammy Roy02 (no)     28 July 2012

Nulity of my marriage



I am 24yrs old girl. I loved a boy form 5 months and my family did not like that boy. We go for a registry marriage with three of our friends as withness. After getting married we stay at our own house. We dont even stay for a hour together. Now after 2week I came to know at the boy is belongs to a christian family. At the time of realtion he never said me that he is a christian. Now, we both are decieded to go for a divorce. But as i mentioned that our marriage is only for 2 months we cannot eligible to file for a divorce as per our lawyer's word.


We hire a Lawyer and he suggest us to file for a nulity of our marriage and we file that the boy cheated me.

Now, my question is can we get a nullment on this ground.. Please note that my family does not awer of this. They dont evan know that I had already done this.


Please suggest me...


Thank you.


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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     28 July 2012

be steady

first u married sneakily.

now u are seeking divorce in the same way.

u want divorce just because he is Christian ?? AWSOME !! (reduce the time u spend watching Serials / Movies)

1) non-consummation is covered by voidable marriage (sec. 12)

2) seems that u have done Civil marriage (so called Registered marriage by mistake).

Civil Marriage can be solmnized between any two religions.

ur marriage is voidable - and not void.

the marriage is open for all the legal consequences untill it is not annulled by court.

annullment (sec. 12) is different - declaration of nullity is something else (sec. 11)

Sammy Roy02 (no)     06 August 2012



Thank you for ur reply. But i cant live with him. can we get anullment of our registry marriage. Please give me answer.


Thank you

Manoj Choudhary (Advocate)     06 August 2012

Under which religion you got registered your marriage??

Keep All the original documents with you.

WHat boy want?? Is he ready to leave you??

for free consultation can call me. number is on profile.

Sammy Roy02 (no)     06 August 2012

Thank you...


He is ready to leave me now.. He does not have any problm on this.


Please suggest me.

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     07 August 2012

Yes madam.  You can get annulment decree by filing a case that he concealed his religion before the marriage.  In his reply, if he admits that he has concealed the fact of his religion, your marriage will be dissolved by way of annulment decree.  And it can be done within one year of marriage.  What I said is applicable equally if you got your marriage  registered under Special Marriage Act or Hindu Marriage Act.  (Additional information - do not get confused - If your marriage has been solemnized under Hindu Marriage Act, then the marriage is itself void for the reason a marriage between hindu and christian is not permissible under Hindu Marriage Act).

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     07 August 2012

within one year of marriage (or within 1 yr from the discovery of the fraud ??)

what r the religions of this wife & husband ?

under which act did they get married ? HMA / SMA ?

Lady, be stable.

I smell something here.

Sammy Roy02 (no)     07 August 2012


He is ready to give me divorce becasue we can't stay together now. And the most  important thing is after getting registry we not even stay for a hour together. Now a days we dont even talk to each other.

I am a Hindu girl and he is Christian. We got married under Special Marriage Act on March 2012.


Thank you

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