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need help _been throbbed for dowry case and 498a


Dear Members, 


I have a situation where my wife brother has transfered a amount of 8Lacs before my marriage partly to my and my brothers account...This money was never demanded by me , But the Girls family wanted me to gift huge amount of Gold during the ceremony etc...for a show up purpose infront of there relatives....


Now After 2 months of the marriage things started going wrong , and I got a feeling that  i could land up in trouble depending upon my wife behaviour.


I started recording calls and ask my in laws your daughter throbs me for dwory , whether I have demanded any...they said No...Hamari bachi aise hi gusee me bol deti hai.


During the course of time things became violent and my wife family filled an NC against me....Seeing the same after some days I also approched the Women cell and submit an apllication of  her behaviour,


We both were called and refered to a phsycatrist( as she tried/throb  to commit sucide ) ...again in the sucide note she mentioned that dont take any complaint for my in laws .


When i found the sucide note I aks her abt this , she told me she cant hanlde pressure and give me in writen i am mentally ill and my inlaws are not responsible for any sucidal activity of her in future.

Now coming back to women cell, My wife refused to go to phsycatrist , Invetigating officer called her dad and her abused the women investigating officer.....I have a RTI copy of this report.


My wife had also send me a mail saying she will make my life hell by Filling a FALSE DOWRY CASE...this words she had used.


Now one day my inlaws came and called me in Police station ..where they wanted to take her back at her parental home.....With 2 MOU's with   a Seperation of my wife for 4 months


1..I signed a MOU saying 6lakhs has been recieved in my account and I will transfer it to a Joint account of Me and My wife.


2.She signed a MOU saying i have recieved all my streedhan( around 15tola gold and sarees etc) ..and I have nothing as streedhan to demand further.


I have transfered only 4 lakhs till now to the joint account and now my wife family is comming for discussion to take her back


What should be my next step ...in order to save myself in order to take her back and with what conditions OR be stiff and let them file the case against me 


Dear friends I am in a trouble ..Please help me .


Yours Thansfully//Vijay.







Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA

If you have trust, then you can start a new life with this lady. If trust is lacking then no amount of paper work would ever save you from the assault of various laws.




Shonee Kapoor

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If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you LOST.


Proceed very carefully.




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