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need advice,please help me

me and my husband living in kerala.I got married one year back.My husband have Se*ual relationship with his own sister.

This news is known to everyone in my husband's family(brother-in-law & mother).My sister-in-law is married 3 years back and she has one small kid.Because of this Se*ual relationship between my sister-in-law
and my husband she is not going to her mother-in-law's home from 3 years.My husband is doen't have love on me from the begging of the marriage.He always scold me alot and do mental harassment on me.Her mother and sister also do the same and they do dowry harassment on me.My sister-in-law always asks my personal matters,she involved very much in my relation ship.My husband also everything share with her sister and he tried to scolding me with them.

Se*ual relationship between me and my husband is only one month after that every time he says some reasons.He act very well. Once they are came to my home in kerala.

My husband and his sister are very close.He even don't talk with me also.My mother-in-law gave privacy to their son & daughter.They close the door and spent lot of time and even nights also.I don't understand anything.In my mind they are brother and sister.I am thinking like that only and I convince myself.At that time I saw good in their relationship,I think in positive way.

I have patience,I feel every time like this one day he realized and understand me.I hope that he turn as a good person.But one day when we are came to hyderabad I saw other than brother & sister relationship between them.I was shocked and I tried to ask some thing like this what are you talking and what are you doing with your sister?

But he scold me alot and used vulgar words.He acted reverse and says with me you misunderstand the brother and sister relationship.

Their family knows that I know the truth.So they scold me alot and says go to your home.I was scared and I came to my parents home.I repeat each and every situation when they are closed.

I got a clear picture about their Se*ual relationship.I conformed it's there.

I don't tell this news to anybody.My husband and their family is feeling proud that no one can believe this news that's why they are still continuing that relationship and he acts as a good person.He tried to push me from the 17th floor and once he forced my neck to wall.He is sadist.He and his family don't call me even once from 8 months.

I know the truth but I don't have proofs.

Now, how I should move to take an action on my husband and their family??

Give your Suggestions please.



The allegations you have made are extremely serious and you have no option but to provide evidence if you ever want to save your marriage OR even for getting Divorce

Why don't you speak to your sister-in-laws husband and find out why they have got seperated from past 3yrs ?? 


Unless you have evidence no one will believe you, Proving adultery is one of the most difficult tasks in court of law. Gather evidence...


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Mam, Sorry to hear that .... Give me a call anytime and I have something to suggest ..... Which is something like little tricky and cannot be explained over here .... Warm Regards Kapil Chandna Adv 9899011450

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Divorce him immediately. Your husband is a living proof that Human beings are many times worser than Animals and is a proof that Human beings have devils inside them.

why do you want to live with a devil?


As a legal person & from the legal perspective, I doubt your story. Things are not corroborative. However, if these are facts, consult a local advocate & go for amicable solution. A discussion on this forum shall not provide you with any actual solution.



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