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My wife is characterless, how can i proof ??

Page no : 3

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     13 May 2013

any wilful conduct which is of such a nature as is likely to cause grave injury to life


ante....aggipulla veliginchi kopamto "ninnu antinchestaa"...ante chaalu.  Tagalabedite 498a plus 302.  Different case.  Wilful conduct means deliberate attempt to express something which may cause grave injury to life, limb....kottenta daakaa avasaram ledu.  Notito express cheste....chaalu...that constitute crime under 498A.  wilful conduct which is of such nature as is likely to cause grave injury to mental health....."aadu aa maata annaade damaag kharaabayipoinde..." antaaru soodu.  gadi.  Husband or relative of husband said something which made her feel mad like we say "damaag kharaab ayinde adi innanka".  That is sufficient for convicting under 498A.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     13 May 2013

Your friend asks what is the difference between dowry death and 302.  You see, if any outsider commits a murder it is only under section 302.  If the husband or relative of a girl commits the murder then it means it is a result of harrassment meted out during time precedent to crime.  Outsider kills at once.  He does not indulge in extra harrassment.  Hence only 302 is imposed on him.  A  husband or relative of husband harrasses for sometime or longtime before killing the woman.  For that harrassment he is convicted under 498A.  Many men like him feel if a woman is hurt she can file under section 319, if she is grievously hurt there is 320 if she is murdered there is 302.....why 498A.  However they fail to notice the difference between some outside causing hurt and some insider causing hurt.  Inside family when the situation boils down to such level that a woman is hurt physically, a lot would have happened during time precedent to that incident.  For all that 498A becomes relevant.  Outsider beating someone and causing hurt is incident that happens then and there and is finished in that moment.  Insider beating has a long history of abuses and mental harrassment.  Hence 498A plus 319 or 498a plus 323 or 498a plus 302 etc is used.



There are something like newton laws. for every action there will be equal and opposite reaction. Ippudu anna tammulu, anna chellillu bochedu sarlu kottukuntuntaaru malli kalisipothuntaaru...anthe kaani kodata ante kottesinattu kaadu...podusta ante podisesinattu kaadu...

kopam ravataniki oka incident reason avuthe...aa incident ni vadilesi only grave mental harassment ante inka "wear and tear of a family" ki ardam emuntaadi annaaa...

naa wife kg pappu kadagamannanduku harassment andi...ila ardam pardam leni matalu matldevallaki....poddune office ki poyi vanda panulu madya intiki raagane ilanti chinna chithaka panchayitalaki 498a ante inka maree magaadu gurrayye harassment ki dikkevaru annai...marriage anedaniki meaning dobbindi gaa annai...

honestly I dont see value in marriage when I should not keep faith in my own wife. F'ing laws, it makes no sense only nuisense.


Reading through the last few pages.

The husband has a mindframe where he sees certain acts according to him if done would amount to show less of charecter.

Such rules are made by people over a period of time, it wont happen overnight.

Such rules laid down by a person cannot be changed overnight.

And sadly apart from what is written in the law books there is no mention where a woman who combs her hair standing outside of the house could also be called as showing less of a charecter.  But those things should be set right by understanding, that is the basic duty of husband and wife.

If there is no understanding, instead of pointing toward silly things like what I described above and calling a woman charecterless, its better to seek divorce just on basis of there is no understanding, though which will take a lot of time, but finally divorce will be granted.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     14 May 2013

Originally posted by : Helping Hand !
Reading through the last few pages.
Such rules are made by people over a period of time, it wont happen overnight.
Such rules laid down by a person cannot be changed overnight.
And sadly apart from what is written in the law books there is no mention where a woman who combs her hair standing outside of the house could also be called as showing less of a charecter.  But those things should be set right by understanding, that is the basic duty of husband and wife.


Hair; Historians and anthropologists show that hair has diverse socio-religious and symbolic value in many civilizations. The public display of combing her hair will not go off from world over why talk of Asian cultures.  Look around in mosques and churches women are asked to cover their hair as well as same rule applies to men with long hairs. The rule does not apply to men with balding hairline though. The Bible presents hair as an ornament, enhancing the appearance of a woman. Hair especially of women symbolizes sensuality of women and least traditional prohibition against women displaying their hair was to prevent the special feminine attraction from bringing men to unholy thoughts and same thoughts are prohibited even today in most developed cultures down to Asian cultures.
Flip this public display of women’s hair customary logics; in modern world today a shaved women is seen as ultimate in women liberation, shedding traditional restriction and social oppression and most of the western modern women during their lifetime always shave off and/or crops them off once why because she displays such shaving as shedding off the age old taboo of shame of Eve, blurring sensuality label attached to them and portrayal of her as object de s*x and what better way than shaving or cropping them off

Our desi parallel were Shabana Azami, Pooja Bedi to deceased Persis Khambatta and another shedding of customary practices is fast evolving now-a-days in contemporary India that is few emancipated metro woman wearing extra large red DOTS on their forehead; Krishna Tirath, Brinda Karat to Ranjana Kumari to name few priminent gender movers and shakers, ever wondered where their genesis rests in such display – let us leave such insight to someother time.............    

stanley (Freedom)     14 May 2013

But every woman that prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered. For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, for as much as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. …

Not days for metro women its the other way round 

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     14 May 2013

@ Stalker.  We are also victims of 498a.  We are in the same club.  I am only trying to narrate legal position.  When I narrate legal position some people are thinking I want it to happen. 


There are something like newton laws. for every action there will be equal and opposite reaction. Ippudu anna tammulu, anna chellillu bochedu sarlu kottukuntuntaaru malli kalisipothuntaaru...anthe kaani kodata ante kottesinattu kaadu...podusta ante podisesinattu kaadu...


It is very interesting to note that the spats between father and children, mother and children and between siblings in the family settle down after a few days, they do not go out of four walls of house.  But the spat with wife, daughter in law goes to the extent of filing criminal cases against family members.  That is why early marriages were preferred in the past.  The advantage with early marriage is the girl shifts house to the matrimonial home in a very tender age.  At such age, there are no ego problems with the mother in law.  She learns to adjust with mother in law and she mingles with the family in due course of time.  By the time she attains 16, she has such an attachment with mother in law that she has with mother.  And when she gets used to treat matrimonial home as her own home, there is no ego problem when there are quarrels, spats etc with family members.  Mother in law beats husband.  She does same with me also.  She thinks in that tender age. Her quarrels with MIL or her family members would be at par for her with her quarrels with family members because she is not a stranger there.


But now the situation is different.  The bride shifts to matrimonial home after she learns about the lessons of self-importance and natural ego.  She is stranger there. She does not succumb to the diktats of mother in law like a girl of tender age of 10 or eleven would succumb.  That is why the adjustment problem arises.  Mokkai vanganidi maanayi vangunaa antaaru.  Mokkagaa unnapudu mana kompalo undadu.  Maanayyaaka cherutundi.  Godavalayi pote tough fight istundi.  Endukante she is stranger to the family.


Memu annaa chellellu kottukomaa?  Maa chellellu nee laage poyi police complaint endukivvaru ani adagachchu.  Enno godavaluntaayi family members madhya.  Migilina family members andaru sardukupotaaru.  Okka daugher in law vishayamlo maatram godavalu flareup ayipoyi, veedhi panchaayiteelu, poleesulu, courtula daakaa velli potaayi.


Don't you feel early marriages for girls are better? Ippudu activists annatlu early marriageslo child ki s*xual maturity undadu, chinnatanamlo kaanpu talliki pramaadam, ivannee appudu jarigevi kaavu.  Endukante, pelli ayite chinnatanamlo chesevaaru kaanee Sobhanam vaallu perigaake chesevaaru.


Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     14 May 2013

Manalni anna kodite talliki cheppe vaallam.  Talle kodite padi unde vaallamu.  Tandriki cheppe vaallamu.  Tandri kodite talliki cheppe vaallamu. Antaku minchi family undadu.  Kaanee Daughter in lawki oka family untundi cheppukodaaniki.  Mana laagaa kaadu.  Appudu pelli jarigi ooru maarite ika tallidandrulato contact undedi kaadu.  Evaru kottinaa intlo inkokari daggara cheppukovalsinde.  Kaanee ippudu cellphones unnaayi.  Attarintlo godava ayite, ventane phone elli potundi ammagaarintiki. Akkadi nundi support kosam.  Inkekkada untaayi sambandhaalu?:)

user (user)     15 October 2013

Dear Friends, I got married 6 months back and after spending 2 months of marriage I came to know that my wife has illegal relationship. She had a boyfriend in past and her affair is still continues with her boyfriend even after marriage.

This I came to know after reading her SMS/chats, FB conversations etc. In most of her SMS's with her boyfriend, she talks about that she loves him (her boyfriend),he is my real love etc and many other things that clearly proves that she is still in touch with him and very frequently goes out to meet him during my absence. She is very rude and adamant in nature and if I ask anything she just ignores and never tells the true.

After we came to know about all these, we left her to her parent’s house safely and told everything’s and showed the SMS/chats to her parents. But her parent’s reaction was as if they knew about all these well in advance (before her marriage and they concealed with us). We have all these SMSs and chats with us as well. I can’t and don’t live with her my whole life.

Will SMS/Chats, FB conversations will be sufficient to prove her characterless and work as evidence? How to tackle this situation and how easy it will be to get divorce and save my family from jail.


What would be the worst situation? Please suggest how I can get rid of her (get divorce).  

Atin Dasgupta (Director)     15 October 2013

Like Mohd Nafees, replied earlier, if you want a divorce against cheating wife, you need photographic and video evidence. Contact private investigators in India or in your own city who can put your wife under surveillance and click pictures and then gather the required corroborative evidence required to prove your allegations in court. Remember that without any evidence your wife can instead cast allegations on you and ask for alimony and make life miserable for you. The few thousands invested in hiring a good private detective is money well spent and will save you lakhs of rupees later on. 

Attached File : 576872414 cheating-husband-cheating-wife-proof-evidence-detectives-mumbai.jpg downloaded: 243 times


@ Chandrasekhar,


Your attempt on defending was hilarious.......How could you invent such law after thought which has no legal baground.


If a husband files a divorce case based on adultery and his petition gets dismissed due to lack of sufficient evidences then as per your say the husband is a libale to be booked U/s 498a......So, sarcastic , I can't even beleive are You Laywer or what or simply writing a Joke book on Santa & Banta here.


1. Filing any case under the given provision of divorce doesn't count any mental cruelity.




1. It is the petitioners view to end the relation by seeking the procedure in a civil sense.


2. It is made by central government act and it's parliamentary form act led down such provisions to any aggrieved person to seek divorce if he feel so.


3. Any married person can file divorce if he is not satisfied by his wife whether she is adulterous or not,whether she is mental or not whether she has enacted any cruelity or not....


4. It's personal Right to file divorce against either of spouse, but it's court who decide the matter and release the judgement.


5. According to you ......the cases will be followed that " filing any divorce case which has N number of allegations"  Which is  just opposite to the respondents actual behaviour must be sued by 498a if the petitioner is husband.

So,here the scope of 498a becomes more wider and further sub sections will be included in this 498a subjecting to the above thought rised by you....lolzz again.


6. The number of false 498a will rise to 98% to 99% if your above thought becomes procedure.


7.No husband will dare to file any divorce case against wife,,,,,,and if dared also then they will file a blank page as they will not write any allegations.


8. My dear So called Legal drafting Lawyer Mr.Chandrasekhar do you think that any case whether it is matrimonial or criminal will sustain without any allegation.....So,man you are wrongly footed.


Conclussion: Filling divorce on allegations doesn't count under mental cruelity which shows that a wife can file 498a if the divorce petition gets dismiss.


So,My sincere Advice to you plz don't create any Havock on Public forum so that victim would get double Tension and then he could also become liable to file 498a on you who had given mental torture....lolz.



Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     15 October 2013

details leading to inference of characterless are not stated.

Mukesh sharma (job )     27 November 2015

i agree with you helpping hand and ohter senior as you want to divourse you get more avidence againest her bec in court if you cant proof any of them than its against you so first colllect avidence and then file case for divourse on characterless ground bec  its so difficult to get but you collect it if you want to get divourse on this ground and dont be affriad law with you 

Raj Sharma   09 August 2017

Hi Pramod,

Please get in touch with me at as i have something to share with you so that you can come out from  this and there is no charges or any type of fees for this

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