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Mads (Service)     21 June 2012

Mental harassment by in-laws

I am 29 years old from New Delhi, I got married on 18/2/2011; my husband is employed with Indian Army. Since he left for his postings my in laws started fighting with me over small things like not wearing chudi, bindi etc. They also misbehaved with my parents thrice in between. This forced me to move out of that place and I started living at my place. In 1 1/2 years I have hardly lived for 3-4 months with them. In between I had a miscarriage they still created scenes. And now that I became mother of a 3 months baby girl, and after doing whatever I could to make them and my husband happy. They still fought with me n as a result m at my parents house again with my daughter. My husband does not wish to leave his family (parents n sister) and these ppl don't let me live peacefully. Even after seeing everything with his own eyes my spouse blames me for trying to break the house.


Please advice what action I can take against them for mental harrasment and what evidence I can provide. And what punishment they will get, if they have any for mental harrasment. and I also wish to separate from husband as I believe he is more responsible for what all has happened till now.




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randomethic (Professional)     21 June 2012

Where is your husband posted? Unless he's on a field posting or at a station where families are not allowed, I see no reason for you to even be staying with your in-laws.


Also, since he's in the the Army, you will be moving a lot with him and if his parents are not staying or moving with him then you don't need to insist that he separate from them. 


Would you like it if he insisted that you separate from your parents, never see them or speak to them because he didn't appreciate some things that they said or did to him? 


Try and see if it is possible to join your husband where he is stationed. You have a child together and your greater responsibility (for both) is for your daughter. Please resolve your differences and build a mature relationship. People outside a husband and wife's marital relationship should not have the power to control or manipulate the relationship at all...whether it is your parents or his parents/family. You both have to be mature and develop that understanding with each other instead of looking for easy options to punish them. 

If u understand the humanity then go back, u have no sence. Ur husband in army, do u know how he works, and here u r creating drama by writing in english,is this ur education..?, want to punish them, why.. ? U have ur own parents. Do u think. Why u born a child.? If u want to be separate. What is rank of Ur husband, where he is.


chudi pehen lia kar...ladai nahi hogi !

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     21 June 2012

Are his parents dependent on him?  You see, as people get older they lose physical strength as a result they become restless and struggle to perform their duties properly.  As their body does not support them to do what they wish to do, they grow impatient and express short tempered feelings when they are not attended to.  You need patience to serve in-laws and understand that old people are physically weaker than us and they grow weaker day by day, and we have a bounden duty to serve them in the fag end of their lives. Their words may be sharp sometimes but we have to keep in mind they are weaker than us physically, and stress and stress due to old age makes them short tempered and that is cause of their short tempered feelings towards others.


The job of daughter in law is very divine job. 

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     24 April 2013

if he is in Army you can get maintenance even without court order.  You have to repreent to COAS if you can prove to be abandoned wife.  


since you have not narrated dowry issue 498a is not maintainable.  DV Act is apparently valid based on facts given by you.

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