Mental harassment by brother -in -law


Dear Experts- I am kumar from Bangalore.


I had 2 sisters.


Elder sister married to X.


They have one boy and one girl child.


Due to elder sister's bad health issue and she was expected to die.,X wanted to marry younger sister,Myself and my father opposed.


After very few years ,younger sister got married to "Y",they had one daughter child.

After few years , due to mental harassment and Alcohol addiction, younger sister divorced "Y" and came home and stayed with me and father.


Now , X came and said , I will marry her and i am taking her to my family ,since my wife is about to die in few years and i need a family support and it is mutual support to each other. He assured and take her to their home.


After going there , he said , since elder sister is alive ,marriage is not possible, we will wait for sometime.


After few years , i got married, few issues arised between me and my wife ,but i managed to run the show.


One fine day when the argument raised, my wife  used very unparliamentary language about the relationship of 2nd sister and X which busted into arguments and choas and ruined our relationship .


They filed false 498a case and other cases .but i managed to prove its false case and i was successful, but  i was humiliated in police station and court on my 2nd sister's relationship status with X.


I tolerated this many times and undergoing it many a times on various occasions whenever the family background is asked.


Meanwhile, X started complaining about 2nd sister ,that her behaviour is harsh in the family , she is not giving respect to my mom and children and continuously  gave mental harassment to my father over phone, my father being embarrassed and have no other choice expect obeying his son-in-law goes there and advises his 2nd daughter minimum twice in a month.


2nd sister says, X is continuously boycotting her needs and using her only for lust and cooking .


This pattern continued years together and no matter whatever advice given ,this behaviour of harsh statements from 2nd sister - dragging the marriage from X Continued, X felt that if he uses my father's weakness on this , he can continue to escape and whatever problem arises out of it he will manage with my father.


Few years later elder sister passed away.


Again that pattern continued.


Due to insecurity my 2nd sister expresses her anger in multiple ways ,but X calls my father and asks his support on a weekly basis, this became a mental harassment to me and my father.


Few years later , my Dad also passed away.


Now , X Continues to  follow the same pattern with me, of calling me on weekly basis, but knowing all the background when i ask him to marry her , he sets back and argues that it is his family matter and insults me that you dont involve in my family matter.


So whenever he needs a support he calls me and if i start advising him to marry my sister, he insults me and says dont involve in my family matter.


Due to this i lost my peace of mind and not able to drive or work properly.


is there any legal ways to stop this mental harrasment from my bror-in-law?


Mind your language.

Are you an advocate or agent? 

He is engaged in intimate acts with  second sister , he is committing adultery on first.

Go and read books, before coming to a professional forum




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