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Amandeep (private)     21 September 2013


my husband has thrown me out of the house and now it has been 6 months he put no effort to reconcile and if my parents and me put efforts then he completely denied . counselling at women cell also failed. now i have put maintenance case on him.. before marriage  i was working but due to marriage i have to leave that job and now situation is that i'm not getting job also i feel so depressed that i can't concentrate on the job although trying my efforts. i'm engineer and my husband is also engineer and earning 1 lakhs per month.. marriage is 1 year older without any child. how much maintenance i will get ?? as because of marriage i have to left the job and now due to norms change i can't get job as needs more qualification... please answer how much maintenance will be provided to me???? 


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B. Deb (Advocate)     22 September 2013

Plizz put ur facts clear and stop misleading courts. You have said u r not getting job on one hand, and on the other hand u can't concentrate on ur job. Plizz dont use law as an instrument of revenge. U r an engineer, being a capable and competent engineer no one can stop u 4m getting job, either married or not. Have confidence on our profession. Keep trying u will succeed at last and dont waste ur valuable times on negative thinking.


I agree 100% with the reply of Mr. B. Deb

In the other query of this author where she had desperately needed the help of expert's to put her husband behind bar,she is seeking help how to restrained the Bail of her husband.

And here she is asking how to get maintenance. The both query contradicts with each other. I request the author to stop venting anger on the situation rather than think amicably and come to the conclussion. If he is not ready to cohabit with you then talk for MCD and part away peacefuly.

you are so much anxious to send them behind bars then in that situation how would you claim maintenance from they are behind the bars;)


Even husband get depressed and it can effect the job as well. He is equally hurt in a matrimonial relationship. 

Amandeep (private)     22 September 2013

i'm not misguiding neither court nor anybody, i'm just 25 in this when girls just think about marriage. it's my in-laws who have thrown me in just 6 months and from past 6 months i tried to settle it by sitiing in public through elders but they denied..... then what option i have left with only to make them realize that they have done wrong and they should be punished for this......  because my parents can't give them more money so they have thrown me out of the house... they are right but if i asked for justice then its wrong?? great advices.. acha hai apni jobs ke upar hi toh jyada demand karte hai ki hum itna kamate hai toh itna chahiye...... 

Manoj Kumar Jain (abc)     22 September 2013

Aapne demand karne wale ladke se shadi hi kyo ki. Koi ladka shadi karke sirfe 6 months me wife ko ghar se bahar kyo nikalega? Har ladka apna GHAR Basana chaheta. Ghar se bahar nikalan aur dowry mangna yeh language to case ke shakl dene ke liye Advocate ke dwara banayi jati hai. Har case me Ghar se nikalana aur Dowry mangna hi likha hota hai. Agar Aap Dowry demand ke Aarop laga kar in-laws ko pareshan karogi to aap bhi parsesah hoti rahogi.

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     22 September 2013

30% of her income, the court may pass an order in your favour if you prove before the court that he is cruel & you are unable to maintain yourself

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     25 September 2013

Speculative query. An astrologer can answer better what amount of maintenance you would get.


Many factors would impact the maintenance, his income, his savings, your savings, his liabilities, life style, take home salary, dependents on him and so on.


Fight case on merits, have your lawyer argue it best for you and most importantly don't delay the same from your side.



Shonee Kapoor

If you don't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you LOST.

498_final stage (Professional)     03 October 2013


You left the house in 6 months. Usually in any marriage both husband and wife are equally seen responsible. There are ways to tackle situations. And ofcourse you CANNOT be saint as you very well know what rights Indian laws have given you.

When a boy is earning 1lakh or so in a month he would ask your parents for money???? that also when he knows dowry is a crime. No working professional would do that since he knows he can grow faster in 5 years and get everything as per his wishes.

Throwing them behind the bars perhaps is the right thing for them because they have certainly committed a crime by bringing a woman like you. So Yes they deserve punishment for that.

Regarding maintenance, find better ways to beg. 

Reformist !!! (Other)     11 October 2013

An engineer girl wants maintenance....Legal Begging on height.

Pass on ur cv on, u will get job......

Why everytime money is involved in a relation ??? He earns 1 lakh and ask for dowry and u earns nothing, u asking for maintenance ???

Ab yahan dowry kon maang raha hai, yeh to jag jahir hai......

There is no self respect left in todays women, they only have ego and vengeance.....Keep on fighting, Its better if u beg on saturdays as Shani Dev....

Amandeep (private)     11 October 2013

To Mr Raj123 and 498weddinggift lagta hai aapne meri query padi nhi.... mere husband ki wajah se meri job chali gayi toh he is responsible and for that he has to pay... aur ek baat biwi ko mahine ki salary mein se kuch dena itna mushkil lagta hai.. aur jab muh khol kae dowry yani paise ki bheekh mangte ho tab toh yeh baat yaad nhi aati...... really funny aur ek ladki ki life kharabb ki uska kya.... tum logo ki behno ke saath aisa ho then you will realise and i'm sure at time u the people will say sister is right and her husband is wrong... sorry, if i said something wrong and i don't want to give to explanations... na har ladka sahi hai na hi har ladki... toh befazul bina case jaane personal comments karne ki jarurat nhi hai....... maine sirf legal advice mangi thi gyaan nhi.... 

Reformist !!! (Other)     11 October 2013

Aapne legal advice mangi thi gyan nahi >>>> Shrimati ji aap kripya karke CrPC 125 ko padhen and fir yahan aaye. Legal wording says that if you are unable to maintain yourself, then you are entitiled for maintenace. Being an engineer, you must understand that you are very well capable of maintaining urself. Also, the degrees (ie B.Tech in xxx stream) you have obtained was actually not obtained to just sit idle and watch TV and pay bills from the pocket of the husband. It was obtained so as u become self dependent.

Jis din aapke bhai pe aisa kuch beetega, u wud surely get to know and when u will be a part of that 498a FIR, u will learn that time practically.............

Bolna bhut aasan hai , maintenance dedo but naukri dhund ke paisa kamana utna hi mushkil and thats y  u want to be ever dependent on ur hubby and hole in his pocket so as to get as much you can monthly.

Jis din shadi se pehle ya shadi ke samay pe aapse dowry maangi gayi thi (agar yeh sach hai toh) tab kya aap so rhi thi, evidence naam ki koi cheez hoti nahi complainants ke paas and they just keep on shouting in courts that my father had spent 25 lakhs......chahe yeh bhi naa pata ho ki 25 lakh mein zero kitne lagte hain ............ bas kisi galat vakil ne sikhaya hai toh bol do (with due respect to all my lawyer friends, i m not generalising this here).

Mujhe to aapke husband ka pata chale, to i will advice him to file TEP, fir dekho nazare..........

Baki aapki marzi hai, pls carry on with ur 125 ...... i hope u will get practical knowledge only in i feel u want legal knowledge, which u can gain in courts. Best of Luck !!!

Amandeep (private)     11 October 2013

Mr. 498aweddinggift mujhe yeh bhi pata hai ki 25 lakh mein kitni zero hoti hai aur yeh bhi ki aap jaise kya deserve karte ho... please advice my husband to file TEP i want that kyuki v have prrof of money given..... meri shaadi dhoke se  unke rishtedaar ne karwa di humne unpar trust kiya aur unki family aur unka pata nhi kiya jiska result aaj i'm facing... aur ek baar aap khud unse miloge then u will also realise ki aap kya keh rahe ho..... aur main kin halato mein apne ghar aaye hu if you get to know you will shocked.  pura seher unke khilaaf hai and even they are saying ki aap zinda vapis aa gaye yeh bahut hai..... aap apne case par dhyan do..... sab ka apna case hota hai.. aur maine toh yeh kaha nhi ki har ladki sahi hai na hi har ladka sahi hai.. kuch cases mein ladke toh kuch mein ladkiya.. toh sirf normal query puchi thi aapke updesh nhi...

Reformist !!! (Other)     14 October 2013

updesh toh kon kise de rha hai, ye jag jahir hai yahan par....

Do whatever u want, as u dont want to listen to the proper advices.....

I just pray god will help the truth side chahe woh aap hon ya aapka husband.....jeet usi ki ho jo sacha ho, aur jhuthe ko dand mile 

jhinukpalash (Editor)     13 March 2014

Theres an advice to Miss Engineer Woman

Dear One,

Never share yor story to those who dont kno wat happened with u. Getting a job for a separated woman and maintaining it while staying with yor parents is not an easy thing in our freakin country and moreover so if u have a son or daughter. Marriage is not all about s*x. It is about life. It is about responsibility. 

Listen to Mr Shonee Kapoor and his advices. All other babbling is bullsh*t. Do a research on the Hindu Laws and its different pros and cones on internet. Hire a good lawyer. Ask him for possibilities. And ABOVE ALL REMEMBER " EVIL SHALL WITH EVIL BE EXPELLED".

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