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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     14 June 2009

Love is greater than Laws

Dear friends,

Goswami Tulasi Das  said - " Bara nem te prem" i.e. Love is greater than rules. Shrimadbhagvatam also says - "Ascetics and Lovers are free from rules". I hereby submit a proposition that:  " Love is greater than Laws".  your comments in present socio-legal context  are cardially invited ! Thanks in advance !


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zimmerzapper (student)     14 June 2009

i cannot say much than partly agree with you.


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Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     14 June 2009

Tripthi Sahib,

do u think love prevails in modern society......all think of s*x and money.

u must ve seen law being used tool for protection by love birds....

love has gone more physical in nature than eternal.

but one thing i must say, may it be law or morality or social is blind to all this.

further love can not be confined to mere relationship between a male and doubt various relationships stand due to love may it be that of children and parents or brother and sister and many more.

law and love r to exist simultaneously with all respects for each other.

Tripathi Sahib u also tell ur opinion.....lets c how strong lover u r?

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Gopal Krishna Behera (Advocate Orissa High Court Cuttack.)     15 June 2009

Tripathy Saheb,

Love I mean here that true & eternal which knows & belives only in total dedication without any expectation.

In this information & technologic era, the people are becoming meterialistic. But still eternal love exist , the nature and the universe is witness wherof.

                                            Thanks all.

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Rekha..... ( Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law ))     15 June 2009

All respected members

Please explain me what is true love………actually nobody cares about true love. If it is true love then definitely greater than laws. Actually in my opinion men don’t know the meaning of true love. Sorry……..if it is wrong please forgive me.
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Shree. ( Advocate.)     15 June 2009

Dear Mam,

 A true love…this is a real example!!

The picture is telling the suffering of a poor bird shocked with his wife’s fatal injury!

Here his wife is injured and the condition is very appealing…..


Here he brings her food and attend her with love and compassion….

Brings her food but shocked with her death and try to move her….

He is aware that his sweetheart is dead and will not come to him again he cries with adoring love….

Stands beside her and scream saddened of her death…

Finally aware that she could not return to him and she is departed, stands beside her body with sad and sorrow…

Photos of two birds said to have pictured in the Republic of Ukraine where the bird is interested quickly to save his wife. Millions of people cry after watching this picture in America and Europe It is said that the photographer sold these picture for a nominal price to the most famous news paper in France. And all the copies of that news paper were sold out on the day of publishing these pictures.

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CS Pooja (Company Secretary)     15 June 2009


Love is love…any definition of love is inappropriate..
As a student of law…till now I have not read the definition of love under any Act…but law does define “relations of love; gift by way of love and affection”
When love has no definition…then how can love have any amendment in its definition…
Be is satyug or kalyug
Love is not time barred or situation barred ( read yug barred)
We all have love in our lives…our mother loves us …we love music……we love our pets or even I would say that we love our profession!!!
I don’t understand when it comes to love…why always people imagine love birds sitting in parks/ beaches
All of us in our life have always experienced love in one way or the other
Although we all may not be lucky enough to be at the receiving end always…
Love changes lives….
Our Bollywood may not be a very good example for this…but still I would request you all to ponder…all these movies (I opine 98% movies have a love story) can’t be baseless…
Love is too pure to be classified
History has been an evidence for this… hindu-muslim marriages even when the society was stricter…
Why do we always direct our mind to see the negative picture of the world, just because of the reason we missed positivism in our life…
Don’t we acknowledge life…even when we know that death is bound to come…
As they say..knowing is knowing…and doing is doing…
Hence, a person must love…and not just know that he loves….
To conclude, I would share what I read somewhere in one of my friends’ slam book in school time… “Love me for a reason…and let the reason be love…”
Disclaimer: The above views are my personal views, based upon my experiences… in my life…and I am not preaching or augmenting on the views that are opposite to the others’ lives in any manner whatsoever

sunil (service)     16 June 2009

Hello friends........

Ms pooja if dont know defination of love u should ask to LOVER they will help u r wrong at all.

Ms Rekha what do u think about men ? u think women care about true love ? u r wrong also at all.

i am agree with Mr. Shree and Mr. Kiran


Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     17 June 2009

Thanks to all of you ! Now, an extention of aforesaid statement:

"love existed even prier to law. love blossoms without aid of law. where there is law, there is love. where there is no law, there is love. love is a solution of all legal disputes but, law can not solve all disputes when love is lost."

Rajesh Kumar (Advocate)     17 June 2009

Love is a great escape from the grim reality of the society. That is the reason why bollywood and various literatures almost invariably deals with that. After all mode of entertainment exist only to give us some feeling outside reality. Love is something outside reality. That is why it is impossible to define it.

Well Mr. Tripathi- let us see this logic. Love existed prior to law. Love can solve all the disputes. Law cannot solve all disputes. Why was law made at all, when there was already a better way (love) to solve disputes already.

Vishwa (translator)     18 June 2009

 Dear Dr Tripathi,

Thank you for bringing love into the picture. I think many of those who have posted in this thread are missing the point. In our country marriages seem to be based on a dependency principle with a strong slant on economic aspects and social compatibility. Most marriages are arranged by the family and social status, caste and other material aspects play the predominant role. Love is no where mentioned or discussed. No wonder many such marriages fail even before they take off! 

Gopal Krishna Behera (Advocate Orissa High Court Cuttack.)     19 June 2009

Many such marriages fail because of want of true love and regards to the family and society at large.

aatma   19 June 2009

"Love is God"  - "God is Love"

For atheist - GOD is their inner soul.

- How many people  truthful to their religious faith?  If people believe GOD and follow their religious faith then there will not be any crime in the society.  But still there are so many religions exist in the country and also more crimes.

- In the same way LOVE  is like a GOD.  It exists in the society, whoever wants to follow they don't need any rules and laws.  They will not commit any crime against any one.

-Recently in a matrimonial dispute SC judge advised husband to "obey to wife".  Even he believes  "LOVE'"   is not an important bond between husband - wife relationship.   Sounds like a wife - husband relationship is like a "Master - Slave" relationship.

 ***men don’t know the meaning of true love*** - YES. Because they never get  real love from their wives.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     19 June 2009

A person having all the best things in the world except love, would be a  well decorted statue. Love is soul, other things are body and ornaments.

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