life threat and intentional accident

I am a 3rd year journalism and mass communication student from lucknow and my father is a journalist too. I usually don't get out of my home but when ever i do i think someone tries to follow me all the time. I go out of my home only when i have to go to the college or i don't step outside my home because this has created a fear inside me and this is happening from the last 2 years. I first thought that things that were happening were normal to me but as soon as i gave a bit thought to such incidents i came to know that someone was always trying to follow me. At first i thought that there was a single person who followed me but soon i realised that there were many of them who were trying to threat wherever i go and soon i started feeling that all this was a conspiracy against me and things were controlled by a kingpin whom i don't know. It might be my enemies or even my father's enemies because he has exposed many corrupt people. I go college daily on my bike and i see on every nook and corners people staring at me and talking on phone like they are giving someone info about me where i am at the moment and where am i heading to.
People try to block my way so that i go from a pre defined path and once it gets into daily routine amd day comes when an accident happens on that path with me. I get angry alot and people use it wisely they try to take reactions from me so that i commit something bad and then they can do worse with me. There have been many unpleasant things that had happened to me when i took admission in the college and from that day till now i have faced a lot i don't know why? May be because i belong from schedule cast ? Secondly i want to tell that i am totally different from other boys who hangout and chill with girls in the college and bunk classes and don't givve assignments on time. I do my work wisley and with full responsibility and for which even then i face several attrocities by faculties and studenta and even outside the college premises.
I want to know that if someone tries to intentionally trigger my anger what should i do ? And recently i met with an accident which i have strong belief that was pre planned so that i cannot give my exams.
I was going on my bike and from the left handside a tempo comes and shows me right hand and as soon as i saw in the right a bike comes and collides with mine. And the right side from where he came from behind there was almost no space. And there was enough space from the left hand side to pass he intentionally came and struck me.. and the right side from where he came was barricaded by ucknow metro rail corporation's steel board as construction work was going on. It seems like a normal daily life accident but it was a pre planned. There are several incidents if connected with each other will eventually say that it was a planned accident.. and i have a strong feeling that my phone is being trakced my someone all the time too.



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