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kindly help me out

respected reader

my father purchased a plot about 20years back in lucknow sitapur road , the land was sold under society registration for which we paid the amount assked by the society people

now after 20 years when we went to that place to aquire aour peice of land the society owner is telling that the registry they did is null and void as we did not aquired the land for so many years he is asking to take the money which we paid at the  time of taking the plot

kindly help me how and what to do to get my piece of land back




Sir my grandmother bought a property in the year 1958. She has 4 sons and 2 daughters. One of her son built a house in that property and there is a place of 3 cents infront of the house which actually belongs to my father.but now my uncle is not ready to give the place to us. So how can we claim that property now. pls help us


advocate/counsel supreme court

it is a clear breach of contract under indian contract Act sec 17 fraud. issue legal Notice with 3 weeks time and if reply not received or te is unsatisfactory move for liquidated damages = to present value of that site ad + your court and other expences you incurred , naturally court will give relief to u regds.. adv dr g balakrishnan, advocate (OS) Bombay high court, rapidanalysts@gmail.com

advocate/counsel supreme court

dear preethi issue legal notice to your uncle claiming your legal rights with 3 weeks notice to be returned. if no reply or reply not satisfactory file a civil case in the juridictional civilcourt. pls ensure t get a proper property advocate. no use giving your case to any one who does not relevant Acts and citations as your uncle will hire a really good advoate as he wold like to hold his hands tightly on tat property. regards. adv dr g balakrishnan advocate (original side)Bombay high court, rapidanalysts@gmail.com 

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Thank you for helping me out sir. But we have a problem in filing a case. The property is not registered under any person's name. when my grandmother bought the property she made a verbal agreement. My 2 uncles were using the property and they have bills on their name for that property. Now my uncle who is not ready to give our share has given the property to his daughter without any settlement. But while registering he has mentioned that "This property is his father's property. He had been enjoying it for many years now he is giving to his daughter."

So now in this situation can we file a complaint.If so,how can we file a complaint.


Dear Preeti,

Dr. G.Balakrishnan has advised you appropriately. 

I suggest when any person requires to make querry with regard to immovable property, please try to specify place of immovable property along with state name so that you can be appropriately advised.

In your case, if you mention the place of immovable property, we can try to adduce more information from you with the help of public documents available with Government offices, which may give path to establish your title as well as possesion to the property.

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Thank you for replying me sir. Our property is situated in chennai(avadi).




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