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Kind help...

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krishna prasad (xx)     20 January 2012

Ego Arrogance and Ignorance is the disaster recipe in this case.

So it does happen, if you chose to believe wrong ppl. Pls fight your own battle and seek answers yourself in your life. Do not allow others do that for you. Its insane seeking answers for self from someone else.

With full awareness - filing false cases, playing clown in hands of irresponsible ppl (parents, self, relatives, lawyers, police & others), caring 2 hoots to humiliations for ppl in police custody, jails and courts, still feigning ignorance of law (when you have already used it), not attempting to understand fall-outs of false police complaint, still wanting to file false cases to shield self mistakes, seeking answers from someone else to your own mistakes, abuse of trust & faith (law, husband & others)….this list continues

Damm…Is this not your disaster recipe?

You have all superlative adjectives - well educated, matured - decide between good vs bad, working in MNC, earning handsome ….You cannot be obvious of what is going on!!   

Simple Soln – Just go to court and file a simple 1 page affidavit – matrimonial matter is compromised and settled. You don’t want to pursue this matter hence you are praying the honorable court to dismiss this existing criminal case.

Listen to your soul, follow your heart, be brave and bold. Own your mistakes. Repentance is always pardoned by anyone.

 Judge upon reading your affidavit – will ask you, why did you file police case? Just cry in front of judge and keep quite. Don’t utter any words. Judge, opp. lawyer and IO will also repeatedly ask you - why did you file police case? Just fold your hands, wail, allow tears to flow and keep silent – after momentarily 5 mins – judge will scold you and strike this case. There is no punishment to you nor others – Judge will just scold you saying – you screwed ur own life and since this is your first mistake he is lenient to you. Tears always have been your weapon, use them.

Your parents, lawyer, police, friends and others will say – you are fool to do so. Don’t listen to them. Just do as what I said – 498a case is struck down and you are let off with just a warning.

How many times have you gone to court and saw court proceedings? Just go and see it for yourself – I have hardly seen any lawyer vocal about Cr.P.C sections to Judge. These guys are always meek in front on Judge – outside court these same Lawyers boast – will do this, will do that – but the hard fact – the longer they stretch your case, they make more money on your dead souls. These lawyers are liars. They always say – don’t talk in front of Judge directly – Judge will be annoyed and give punishment. They always put fear into your mind and blank your next actions. They are meant to do that – bcos your agony is their feast at home.

Every lawyer, in every case, crosses a line he didn't mean to cross.  It just happens. And if he crosses it enough times, it disappears forever.  Then he’s nothing but a bad joke, just another shark in the dirty water.

Don’t listen to anyone. Ppl are taking advantage of your agony situations. Have they anything to lose in this case. I believe they’ve set the cat among pigeons. Who will lose in this fight? Who will win in this fight?  Just go and do as I said. This will put end to all miseries and agonies. It was collateral damage to both sides of our families.

I’m serious – it happens. I’ve seen with my own eyes. Judge will just strike down the case and let you go. Your Police IO might threaten you – just throw some more money at his face as you did earlier for filing false case. This money will keep him quite.

It is really sad – you still don’t see the hard reality.

Regarding his Terms & Conditions – This is Shaadi not a Sale Deed – so no T&C applies. My suggestions – just gracefully walk out of this marriage and opt for MCD. Unless both of you are saints that you can forget the past. You might want to forget the past and move ahead – but the ghosts - within and around you ppl will never allow you live in peace. So go for MCD.

Your husband’s fight – None can describe what he might have gone thru at police stn, jail and courts. Only he can describe bcos he has experienced it. This is his dark reality – am sure you never know his pain what he might have been thru.

His soul is Invictus – you yourself gave his conduct certificate – he’s good.

When he did his fight – filed TEP, complaints against IO and GAD – this was his mental state.

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bl**dy, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


Truth Triumphs. A black lie can never be whitewashed as truth.

File no more cases, if it’s done then it takes curious turns and you don’t know where it leads to.

Every 498a case is unique, No 498a fight is same and Magnitude of pain in each 498a differs. It can never be explained by none, only those experienced writhes in pain. There is no standard template to fight – only common ingredients – hope, conviction and determination to fight tight for your rights. There are no short-cuts.

One thing I must say you, if the girl is more educated it is good, she will take lead and help family go in right direction.

Don’t deny yourself a meaningful life. Go ahead and forecast your life. Complete your circle in life. You have better things to achieve. Reclaim your life – walk away with dignity.

There exist no idealistic situations, reminding you if it’s not too late to regret or apologize. You cannot be obvious of what is going on.

Rest, it's upto you. Hope you are mature enough to introspect with yourself, all your rights & wrongs after this fiasco. Hope this gives you insights.


All The Best & Good Luck.

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Rajneesh Rana (Member)     21 January 2012

@ Tajobsindia

Harsh but legally excellent.

Rajneesh Rana (Member)     21 January 2012

@ Vinodh:

Good Effort in best disguise for a “Good Cause”. Keep Up. My sympathies and condolences are with you.

CS Sandip (ILO)     21 January 2012

@ Vinodh : I personally believe your reply is very mature, might be come out of so much experience.

It's good!!

@Priyanka : There is no point to distribute your money among the lawyers, police, clerks etc....

You are quite mature women to take decision about your happy life. Don't waste your green life with the color of black blind legal procedures. It is nothing but waste of money & time, because proceeding are going and going .......there will be no short / sweet end.

Come on the negotiation table you all ppls your parents family, husbands family with lawyers. Compromise......tht set!!!

All d best!!!!

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