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kumar (private employee)     29 March 2009

Is Law only for Women

Hi Guys,

Is Law only for women

when women take hasty decision even men effects life but why law will see only women point of view

these days, how may people are misuse 498

wht law is doing


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Anil Agrawal (Retired)     29 March 2009

 Once Kapil Sibbal (now a Minister) speaking TV said: Law is an ass.   That was just after Narasimha Rao had been convicted. Jai Ho.

kumar (private employee)     29 March 2009

Mr Anil that is not an answer for the question.. is there any way to encouter fake 498 police play a it genuene or one side show

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     29 March 2009


you are right. in genaral it can be said that:

whe woman goes to law, law and entire legal system is pro women;

 when there is an ocassion of social interference, society is pro woman;

 even far faults of woman,  men are always held responsible;

till the problem is within home , the opinions of family members are pro men;



The law is favourable to women because they were, have been and are being oppressed in our society.  There are stray incidents where women harass men and in ratio to that thousands of incidents are there where women are wiping their silent tears.  In India, female is killed in the womb.  Is there any other example to show that women are not being treated fairly.

Section 498 A convictions are a few even though a large number of cases are being filed.  The reasons behind this are two fold.  A woman, who is oppressed  and met cruel behavious from matrimonial home would like to take revenge and hence file a case and in criminal cases it is very difficult to prove the offence.  Further, after filing the case, the society around her will force her to dilute the case. The prosecutors also won't prosecute cases sincerely. Secondly, in some instances, in urban areas, false cases are also filed by wrong legal advice to achieve some other purpose, i.e., divorce etc.

It is also true in the case of 304-B cases.  Even though it is dowry death, in a very a few cases accused are convicted due to lapse of prosecution.

Shamful it is, in India, no prosecution has been held against female foeticide, even though the census is shouting that is widely prevailing width and breadth of India.

In your case, you may be harassed by a lady, but do not generalise that in the society always man is the victim and woman is the offender.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     29 March 2009

I do not contradict mr. prabhakar.women are cirtainly oppressed within boundaries of  home .

but those who are realy opressed, never go to law.

law is punishing innocent males in lieue of other guilty males i.e. few persons are being punished for offences committed by many others.

Ajay kumar singh (Advocate)     30 March 2009

Laws favourable to women were made to act as shields but those have become swords.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     30 March 2009

mr. ajay kumar singh is perfectly right.



I don't think our laws are favouring women.The laws should protect the weaker section of the society.Sec.498 A was enacted with a view to curb the cruelty against women,which is a usual practise even in educated societies.But misusing the provision should be checked.

But what about Sec.497 Adultry in which the only men is punished and the wife is not treated as culprit.



kumar (private employee)     30 March 2009

Guys, Even if Women misuse 498A then what kind of evidence does we can produce...because instead of loosing confidence or feeling afriad why can;t Guys will think a Solution..Because for every cause we have solution..But this Women Rights..and Other Womens Wings , Media making lot of mess about Men..Small Issue making Bit Mess...

kumar (private employee)     30 March 2009

This is My Issues:

- My Marriage is Over 1 Year Back

- She left 5 Months Back

-  3rd party role Failed

-  there is no cause -- Only one issue is because we don;t have Washing Machine she feeling really tired unable to do House work ( Jst to wash her clothes)

- She continue Her Job for Reputed company


But as a Men i have feelings about my persnal Life , Family and My parents

How long do i wait its almost 6Th Month Coming

If i apply RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS, What Justice Do i Get..

She Dn;t have feelings towards me / parents

even she not decision maker..jst going to office and back to her

But iam not like that i want my family my personal life, because of her why i should lost my life..


If i Apprach How RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS can Do Justice For Me

What Points Should i Concentrate

Is RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS help to Make personal happy

what law can help in this issue...

Because she dn;thave feelings and How RESTITUTION OF CONJUGAL RIGHTS Helps?

thats my question


Prabhat Kumar (Advocate)     30 March 2009

Well, section 498 A is a debatable issue but i agree with you that there is a rampant misuse of this law. Since now the parliament has passed a law which says that physical arrest is not mandatory in all cases having punishment less than 7 years, i think there will be some respite in cases of 498 also.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     30 March 2009

mr. kumar as a friend i would suggest you that to develope a compromising attitude. if the issue is only to buy a washing machine pls make arrangements for this. both of you should not be egoist. further, going to court will caste more than a washing machine. furthermore, once matter goes beyond family and friends, there is least possibility of amicable resolution. even suit for restitution does not realy works for restitution, rather it makes a platform and good ground for divorse.

there is no law above love .law can not rule the love but love can rule the law. your problem can be solved by the 2 and 1/2 letters of kabir and not by volumes of law books and supreme court decisions. - " potha parhi-prhi jag mua, pandit bhaya na koy; dhai akhar prem ka parhai so pandit hoy."

with best wishes,

Dr. V.N. Tripathi, Advocate, Allahabad high court.

9839527421, 0532-2545245


kumar (private employee)     31 March 2009

Hi Mr.Tripathi, Thanks for Your Response..But Iam ready to buy Washing Machine or Any Thing thts not prblem..But As wife she having common sense and responsibility to inform me whats the cause..without informing to me anything simply leaving Home is not right..As a Husband iam not Expecting Demand or Rule to follow She know How Iam..iam very Cooperative..She have Health Problems..Even i cooperate and Give Guidance to her...I dn;t thnk Washing Machine Issue is not Right Issue...There is Another in her Mind..I ask her whts problem she never come out...


As you said Love Can Stop Everything..Ofcourse if Follow Same Principle but She dn;t want to continue with Me thats Sure...Because if you analyze 5Months duration..She might have some feelings right..even if its ego week or Hardly One Month...So i can take her home legally but i can;t continue withher  unless she might have some feelings from her heart..


so iam looking solution..where i can contiue my remaining life happily..i dn;t want to foce the same timei can;t wait and wasting my time..Regarding Job..i can get i have confidence...


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