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aishwarya (student)     13 September 2012

Is it possible to cancel the registration of a property


My grandfather passed away in 1995. I have a question regarding one of my grandfather's property. This particular property is a 60-cent land. According to my grandfather's will, my dad and my dad's brother (my uncle) is supposed to get this land. The will states that my dad will get 50-cent land and my uncle should be given 10-cent land (my grandfather has clearly mentioned the area which has to be given to my uncle). three years after my grandfather passed away, the water authority acquired 10 cents of the land. So, my uncle lost 2 cents and my dad lost 8 cents of his land in this acquisition. the authority gave money to my uncle which he divided with my dad. In July 2012, we were informed that my uncle sold his property to a third party. but instead of 8 cents, my uncle has sold 10 cents to the third party. when we asked him, he said it is possible for him to sell like that because he is entitled to 10 cents of land according to the will. is that possible? if not, can we give a case to cancel the registration? Kindly advise.




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Anish Thakur 7018812737 (advocate)     13 September 2012

@ satish ,

dnt wait for her family or her to contact you ,try to contact her ,reach her with respected persons of the society so that they will give witness in court that you tried to talk to her but she denied, file rcr sec 9 hma to record her statements  and contact some local family lawyer for it.

satish (Software Engineer )     13 September 2012

Sir, They have high demands. She is housewife and never willing to join for any work. She is forcing me to make a three bedroom house which cost rent nearly 20 to 25 thousand. She wants her brother and cousins to stay with her in one room, One room as a guest room and another room for both of us. Additionally 15 thousand expenditure will come to maintain the house. No body is willing to share financially and all are pressuring me indirectly that it is yours headache. I dint take not even one rupee dowry. I earn around 25 thousand per month and they are indirectly telling me to get money from my parents. I need to clean home inside and outside go and work. she keeps laughing saying that is your headache and before marriage you need to think all this. Second think she directly says on my face not to touch her. No physical contact too. Her brother is working and earning better than me. But she wants me to spend money everywhere and don't allow her  brother to spend money. So i thought based on desertion i can go for divorce. Please suggest me how to proceed on desertion.  

Anish Thakur 7018812737 (advocate)     13 September 2012

@ satish,

as per your reply , i want to alarm you to get prepare for court proceedings as she can lodge false complaints against you and also maintenance case against you , start preparing your case from today and taking defence evidences also ,call me on 9459321520

SRIKANTH (junior)     13 September 2012


Aishwarya you have so much civil remedy

through court of law.


A.SUMATHY - ADVOCATE - 9381204576

P. SRIKANTH - ASST. 9381206050

SRIKANTH (junior)     13 September 2012




A.SUMATHY - ADV. -  CHENNAI - 9381204576

SRIKANTH - ASST. 9381206050

satish (Software Engineer )     14 September 2012

Sir/ Madam,

Her parents along with her uncles came to my home 3 months back and told me, she is uncomfortable with you and we are taking her to our home. I told them to speak to my parents and they told the same thing to my dad over phone. My dad requested them to allow him to talk to his daughter-in-law but they refused it. I recorded this conversation and from last 3 months we don't have any type of communication. Please let me know how long i need to wait for applying divorce on desertion ground and other than audio recordings i dont have any evedince. Friends and relatives suggested me not to raise any legal action and in case if you proceed then they may create problem to you. They have some muscle power people and political background too. Ours is a academic family where my dad was a retired University Professor. So we are keeping each step ahead very carefully. I stay in Bangalore and my parents stay in our home town in Karnataka state. She too stays in her hometown little bit away from Bangalore.   

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