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is any lawyer fight the property dispute for me

hi Respected lawyers,


I am going thru the pain of cheated by my own family,  I wanted to know is any lawyer will fight the case for me if I agree to give him share in the property after we win the case, instead of the fees, as I am not in position to pay the fees now.

Here is my case,

I have very greedy brother and Sister my mom is still alive, as I live in aboard they want to take my share.

my mom is forcing me to sign on the blank white paper, which I will never do.

 We had plot worth of 3 crs which is given to my bother, another plot worth 1.5 cr given to my sister, house on my dad 's name worth 40 lks and another plot on my and brother 'sname worth 50 lks,  I do not have papers for this, my brother and mom has.

If any one is interested in fighting this case, please reach out to me, the plots are in Hyderabad and house in Mahaboobnagar.





It is not a case for posting on this platform, worldwide.

You will have to search, contact, consult and engage local lawyer.

I am not interested.


Hi I am from PASHA & COMPANY Panjagutta Hyderabad. We are interested in taking your case contact me on +91 8978721023.
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You can either go and meet Secretary, Legal Services Authority either at Mehaboobnagar or Hyderabad.  Depending on your eligibility, they may offer you free legal aid.  But, it is highly risky to engage unknown advocates and you should mobilize at least such money needed towards expenses like court fee, clerkage, stationery, typing etc.   Even after you pay full amount to the advocate, after a period of time, some advocates do not take care and neglect your case.  You can not expect loyalty or right to demand for proper action from advocate, without paying anything.  Please take some time and make a visit to LSA for proper guidance


The posting suggests emotions and pique than facts and discretion.

Admittedly, the property belong to the parents. They are free to dispose of their property during their lifetime. The rights of the children are restricted to that of the legal heirs to the property left intestate after their lifetime.

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1. It would highly UNWISE for any Advocate to represent your case on imaginery returns, for your benefit.

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My Dear Queriest,


You seem to be carried away with your emotional hurt of being sidetracked.  But, to fight a legal battle, you have to pull yourself together and collect all relevant details relating to the properties.  To begin with:

  1. How the properties were acquired by your father
  2. In whose name/s the properties are right now
  3. There is no mention of whether your Father is available for contact.
  4. In case your Father is not available for contact, whether your Father has made any Will  and
  5. If so, a copy of such Will, whether it is registered. Whether it is probated if needs to be?
  6. Was there already any Settlement Deed allocating the properties as you are showing different properties being in the names of different family members. If so whether you had signed it and whether it is registered

You have to make inquiries as to under which Court you have to file a case for proper settlement or contesting any improper division of property. Once you identify the Court under whose jurisdiction, the lands fall and wherein you have to file a case, then you need to enquire with Legal Services Authority and/or friends to seek the assistance of a capable and reliable Lawyer. You need to give full details of the landholdings etc to such Lawyer and you need to inform him what relief you expect by filing the case in the Court.


Be aware, filing a case is, on one hand, expensive and once the case is filed, your relatives shall not discuss the matter with you and you shall be further alienated. Besides, the case drags on for several years before a final verdict is handed down either in your favour or against you and again it can be contested in higher courts and so on.  Therefore, before taking the ultimate step of filing a case, please ensure that you exhaust all the avenues of a peaceful and amicable settlement with your family members by involving family elders who command respect by all.


All the best to you in your endeavors.

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