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I am quite disturbed the way different states in India are deviding the mindset of their peoplle in the name of language. We have quite a number of examples as to how a country with devided interest falls easy prey to other country. Keeping the outlook of some political parties towards making other state people a political agenda, I would like to ask the following queries:

1. What does our constitution/LAW state about any Indian working or living in any other part of the country other than the one where he/she is domicile? I remeber for my civic clases a decade ago that India has single citizenship concept unlike USA.

2. What does our constitution/LAW say about equal opportunity to Indians in any state coming from another state? Is the state or central political parties allowed to make claims of reserving opportunities based on the language spoken by an applicant?

3. How can the governament take steps to encourage the state's language and yet make it a comfortable place for other state Indians to live?

4. How can I file an RTI to get official response on these question? Which department I should write to?

This issue is spirally pulling the country into devided interest agenda. One state giving example of the other to prove their political agenda based on langaue. Maharastra giving exmple of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka giving example of Maharastra, Assam gives exmple of Karnataka and so on.

I feel this language issue is becoming detremental to the integrity of the country and in the long run, the country would fall prey to another countries interest yet again.




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