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injunction suite should file in civil court or family court?

Hi All,

I had filed a injunction suite in Civil Court against my SON and Daughter in law who are living saperately on rented house. and I got stay from civil court. now court procedding is going on. In between my daughter in law has filed false police complaint against me and my son and moved to her parents house. Now on last hearing, lawyer of my DIL asked judge to move this case to Family court instaed of Civil court and gave the reference of 7(D) "(d) a suit or proceeding for an order or injunction in circumstances arising out of a marital relationship"

Judge has asked our lawyer to come up with his reply - why this case should not move to family court?

1. My question is What should we do now on what ground we should contast the case?

2. Howerever we have the stay order from civil court but what will happen if case will move to family court?

3. We are not living in a same home so on what ground we should contast ?



What is the reason to file injunction suit against Ur son &in laws. why Ur in laws filed false suit against u.what is the problem. U need mediation or negotiation. U try to finalise the Matt er with well-wisher with settlement .civil or criminal dispute take yrs.so compromise generally.

My DIL and her family was harassing and threatening to put false allegation and police complaint. that is why i asked my son to leave the house and live in a rented house.

after that she still keep on abusing and torturing so to protect ourself i have filed inunction suite in civil court against son and DIL.




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