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shalini (NA)     06 October 2014

Informatin about salary of my husband

Respected sir,

My Husband working as a staff  in a

Steel Authority of India Limited,Corporate Durgapur(WB) .Can I get the salary and his job profile and salary structure and also from when he is working. details through RTI act. i don't know my husband salary in present and whose post i sail durgpur.Please sir/ madam what step can i take for this regard.i known what step for knownig private information trough rti / or other rule...

 Thanku sir......


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Kappil Cchandna (Expert Bail & Criminal Defence Lawyer at Delhi Supreme Court of India)     06 October 2014

You can take the income tax return serials with the hero of his pan card and d.o.b. details. Adv kapil chandna, 9899011450

Venkatesh Naidu Akula (advocate)     06 October 2014

What is this question?it is very very simple under rti act.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     07 October 2014

@ Author,

 Wife has right to know salary details of Husband from private as well as public entity.

2. File an Application under RTI Act enclosing Rs. 10/- Indian Postal Order addressing the RTI Letter to AGM(COC) & APIO, ISPAT BHAWAN, DURGAPUR STEEL PLANT,DURGAPUR - 713203 (W.B.) and ask information such as;

- I am legally wedded wife of Sh. …..  / S/o Sh. ….. who is working at your site and there is a pending Court case against him under Personal Matrimonial Laws of parties. Kindly provide me information as in true certified copies such as for; his designation in the company, his employed period details (effective date of joining), his gross and annual salary till date month wise, all his variable salary till date month wise, his deductions till date month wise, true certified copies of all his salary slips till date month wise, his bonus payments (if any) till date month wise.

3. Annex attached Judgment of CIC with your Application.


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Attached File : 331629607 wife has right to know salary information of husband.pdf downloaded: 155 times

SRISHAILA.DHARANI (Advocate&consultant)     07 October 2014

you can get this information under RTI ACT

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     07 October 2014

Use this format by filling the blanks suitably and modify to your requirements for any information from Central Govt.

Application dt......seeking information under RTI Act filed

Before CPIO, Steel Authority of India, Durgapur (WB with 

RTI Fee: Indian Postal Order No......for Rs.10/- fvg. Accounts officer SAIL, payable at Durgapur.


Brief Facts: Employee No........Name of

Salary particulars of husband to wife ...(Not invasion on privacy of individual as they are married as per CIC decision + Sec.4 voluntary disclosure limits - Not exempted.--Copy of decision enclosed.

Information solicited;

Please kindly provide me salary particulars of the above employee From Jan, 14 to 30,Sept, 14.

Date of appointment, Present designation, next increment due.





sathya (Executive)     09 October 2014

May I know what s copy of decision?

honeey (ma)     09 October 2014

can husband use RTI ? or it is privilege of wife ?

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     09 October 2014



1.Copy of Central Information Commission decision, which is valid with IT as final and ultimate.



There is a decision that states that giving wife's return is invasion on privacy by husband.


(But remember, weblock should be in force)

Anil (salesman)     11 October 2014

Wow So many answers for the lady do you really need money or want to harass your hubby just carry on so many helpers are there 

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     11 October 2014

As members, we do not assume motives, we are here to help any body to the maximum extent we can, and can not pass individual opinion/comments taking examples from private or other's experiences.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     12 October 2014

If there is a dispute in the court, she can petition the court to direct the employer to produce the salary details of her husband.  This will be applicable to the husband too if he has to take a defence against her false claims.

shalini (NA)     21 October 2014

xyz सूचित करती हूँ की मेरे पति मनोज कुमार (ब्लूम एंड बिलेट मील) SAIL  DURGAPUR  मे जूनियर तकनीशियन के प्रभार पर आपके अधीन कार्यरत है |उनका EMPLOYMENT NO -243235  है |मेरा विवाह 18 /02 /2013 को हिंदू रिति-रिवाज के मुताबिक हुआ.
शादी के वक़्त मनोज कुमार एवं उनके परिवार वालो के द्वारा मेरे पिता  एवं भाई को कहा गया की लड़का इंजीनियर है तथा DURGAPUR  STEEL PLANT मे कार्यरत है,|मेरे परिवार वालो ने मनोज कुमार तथा उनके पिता व परिवार वालो के बात पर विशवास कर मेरी शादी मनोज कुमार से करा दी गयी |विवाह के अवसर पर विवाह मे ख़र्च के नाम पर 18 लाख रुपया बैंक द्वारा R .T .G .S एवं चेक दवारा मनोज कुमार को दिया गया | तथा सोना,चांदी,का जेबरात ,कपड़ा ,बर्तन ,एवं फर्नीचर उपहार सरुप लड़का के माता-पिता एवं सगै सम्बन्धी को दिया गया |शादी के वाद मैं जब ससुराल गयी तो मेरे पति,सास-ससुर  तथा अन्य के द्वारा FOUR WHILLER (चार चक्का ) का वाहन देहज मे मांगने लगे | मेरे दुवारा इंकार करने पर मेरे पति मानसिक  तथा शारीरिक रूप से प्रताड़ित करने लगे  |मेरे पति मोबाइल पर भी मानसिक रूप से प्रताड़ित करते है | मैं किसी तरह पत्नी धर्म का पालन करती रही | मेरे पति कभी भी दुर्गापुर नहीं ले गए |मुझे विदा कर अपने घर आकर रख दिए तथा मेरे पति एवं उनके परिवार वालो दुआरा देहज के लिए मुझे तरह-तरह से प्रताड़ित करने लगे एवं जान से मार देने की धमकी देते हैं | डर से मैं अपने माँ-बाप के पास रह रही हूँ |
                                                                                                                          please suggest me what happen next step

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     21 October 2014

If your family can spend 18 Lacs for marriage then your side can pay another 4-5 lacs for car too, to keep your marriage safe. 


I mean what is this? And from where your father managed 18 Lacs + gold-silver- utencils - furnitures-cloths etc? From relatives will be the answer? Can any relative show bank statement to have lend him the money? None as all these happened in cash without bank transfers or any loan agreement papers will be said now! OR you will say my father spent from his PF or FD or sold all his land a/c? Any record of so, none will be said? Did not your father know giving / taking dowry is Crime or did not he know that he is encouraging a evil social practice which is banned since 1961? It is like doing sati when sati is already banned in the name of I am doing social follow-ups!. In whole of India without spending 18 lacs + others or lesser your marriage was not getting done OR what is so great about this man - family that you people spent 18 L + in marriage leave aside what happens next for which you are here???? 

I have a right to ask morality r/w social question because unless giving or spending money in wedding - marriage is stopped such cases could not stop and lives of either male - female - child et all will not be spoiled further roaming in various Courts - Police Stations. 

File case of S. 498a IPC + S. 406 IPC. Police will investigate and then arrest if required the boy and/or family members and will also do search and seizure to recover gold + furniture + kitchen stuffs + cloths etc. and give them to you. File case case of maintenance if un-employed under S. 125 CrPC. He will tell in court how much is his income or via court you seek his income details from his Steel Plant employers. These are the ways to spend now whatever time you have left untill your divorce happens. Once S. 125 CrPC maintenance awarded you can seek divorce based on such award which is granted immediately and you are free to spend another 18 L + to get yourself re-married to any next person. And meanwhile he will face charges in S. 498a / S. 406 IPC cases. Your presence in these cases are required only during evidence stage and even if you do not come to court State will proceed in accordance with available material. That are how facts move on. Forget RTI etc. as now I got appraised of your special facts. 

BTW, Steel Plants which you are mentioning here have their own internal (social) courts where they take such cases of emplyees families, approach them you will get peace of mind and very subtle quick remedy. Such social court especially in Dhanbad - Bokaro - Bhilai - Durgapur regions having blessings of Steel Plan(s) Management are very effective (social) Courts which takes care well of their Estate'semplyees social problems.  


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CompelledToLearnLaw (Financial Examiner)     21 October 2014

Originally posted by: Tajobsindia

"If your family can spend 18 Lacs for marriage then your side can pay another 4-5 lacs for car too, to keep your marriage safe. "


That's so funny.

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