Increase of crime rate and its reasons.


I think all of us lawyers shall think about few things which are really baneful to society today. The crime rate in India is incrasing day-to-day.  Please refer to this site The crime statistics available on this site confirms that.

We have laws, police and judicial system to admnister those laws. However, crimes are still happening. When will this come down? What are the means of doing it?

Lets discuss


As long as there is no disciplane in citizens behaviour, when no stringent laws apply, when misusing fundamental rights crime rate will not come down. In crime barometer crime rate is shooting up day by day. If top authorities are involed in crimes who is going to control crime and who is going to apply stringent laws? please explain. 

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It is paid site Theja. That is not fair to point your fingers for spending money and collect details If you ca do that and supply. Thanking you With love KC


Thank you Suresh Sir. Sorry for prompting you to the site. The site requires registration for access to the details.

Okay, any way please share your expert opinion to the concerned issue.

I consider the following factors which are probing to crimes:


i) we have stringent laws which are not executed and administered effectively - that is failure of the government;

ii) need for amendment of the laws accordingly;

iii) constituting law commissions - but does the government consider the recommedations of the law commission?

iv) S.C gave so many directions in various cases to that effect; are they executed?


i) No initiation and co-operation from public;

ii) we blame the government, but who elect the government?

iii) Lack of proper education;

Do we have moral studies as a part of our academic curriculum for our children? Though  we have it....How many of us consider it as an important subject? Is it taught to students regularly? In good olden days we had moral studies, peda bala siksha in Andhra Pradesh. Where is that syllubus now?

iv) Awarenes of rights and duties:

When attended for awareness camps in rural places most of the people there do not know their fundamental rights and how can they avail them?

v) Ignorance of rights:

Even educated citizens in India, though they are aware of their rights and the laws, they do not consider them. When I questioned them 'why?'; the answer was either: we are not interested; or we do not have time to think about that.

Here we are.

This is my analysis. Nothing statistical. Pleas add your expertise to this.







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