i am looking to move to diff process with in company..

Greetings everyone....

I have two queries for you....Please answer me.. thank you.

1) If every year ex: 40K is deducted from you salary.. and later company gives back certain amount from it to you back depending upon company performance and your performance..... and all of a sudden if they say company is in loss and we cant give any money to you this year.. is that acceptable? are there any HR laws or Court laws in place for this situation....

2) In my company the relieving period whether you leave the company or if you got selected through IJP (internal movement to other process) or with your hardwork you found an opportunity relieving period is 3 months.... I dont talk about leaving the company here.....

* I have been working for almost 4 years...since 2 years i dont have hike , even it will continue this year.. also scope for learning in my company is 0 % ......with lot of hardwork I found an opportunity with in my company and cracked the interview...... they asked me to join with in 2 months (in the current situation) this is nothing but golden chance. There is noway that this kind of offer comes to me again...

my managers are asking me to server notice period for 3 months as some other person from my process is going in the same month....

MY question to here is ... How fair is it to stop someone who worked with the company all these years???.....

1) will the HR or manager will wait for a new joinee for 3 months when they need to fill the vacant position with in 2 month by all means????? This isnt practical.... NO ONE WILL WAIT FOR SUCH LONG...... when this kind of rules are not practical, why do they set such rules..

The only options for me is :

1) To leave the company (which means my 4 years hardwork is gone).
2) TO Fight with top level management ofcourse politely to change the policy..

Please let me know if I have confused you... i am almost going to loose my 4 years carrer for nothing.. please help me.,..




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