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Husband is not joining me

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     24 March 2014

u have ruined ur own life.

for this u will repent for the whole life.

and now there is no remedy.

u r now at the mercy of ur husband.

now contact the lawyer who advised u to file a stupid FIR and who drafted the same

he wont show u his face.

he grabbed ur money.

also the policemen grabbed your money.

now u lost money + time + husband + family.

only remedy = appologize and prey for mercy from husband

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Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     24 March 2014

Agree with Advocate Archana.She has put this nicely.

Vicky (Engg)     24 March 2014

Pooja I don't know how much you are educated and how much you have knowledge about society. Here you don't know what is 498a, what is RCR and what is family. My best wishes is till you are alive be happy and make everyone around you to be happy.

great india (manager)     24 March 2014

I will advise u one thing. Ask your husband to file perjury against you. Accept the allegations ....go to jail for a term.....come out....makr him realise your love for him. Apologize then......then surely he'll accept you When you have guts to file 498, this is just a cakewalk...... Try this it'll work God bless you

Reformist !!! (Other)     25 March 2014

@Amit --- You are hilarious buddy.

@Querist ---> My 2 cents, if u want to stay with ur husband, then appeal for ur 498A in HC, get him convicted, GO TO JAIL with him, stay with him in Jail and live happily thereafter !!

I dont know how can u even "THINK" of staying with him after filing 498A, only god can understand.......meri samajh se bahar hai, i have met atleast 50 such women who want to stay with her husband after filing 498a and Husbands dont even budge on this unusual and Non-s*nse demand.................


Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     25 March 2014

GO TO JAIL with him




Reformist !!! (Other)     25 March 2014

well i knw its not allowed, Abla naari hai, Pati vrata patni should commit some crime and join him in jail :)

Jahan Chah wahan Raah :P

fighting back (exec)     26 March 2014

@pooja............from your profile you seem to be a HR professional, but from your query you seem to be a pea brained lady. dont know which company has hired you an HR professional. an HR professional should have some sort of knowledge of physchologically understanding a person. but you yourself need a physchologist to evaluate yourself...........first you file fake cases against your husband and then you file RCR to ask him to stay with you? are you nuts??!!!! you seem to have a brain of a rat!!! ........use a dime of your common sense and think,,,,think which logical person with a normal sense of logic.wish to stay with a woman who harrasses him with 498, defames him in society, makes him run around the court for the next 5 years, makes him empty his pockets to greedy lawyers, make him  loose his youth and take away his moments of hapiness, take away his career opportunities, harrass his old parents.........and now suddenly the pea headed woman changes her thoughts according to her  whims and fancies and decides to stay with him!!!!

he will never stay with such a should go the ganga river and pray for penance............go and practice HR among a herd of donkeys..................

fighting back (exec)     26 March 2014 your previous thread ................ ask for the properties of your husband, but you suddenly realise that you cannot get it so easily, so you change your mind and decide to live with seem to be a very opportunistc woman

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stanley (Freedom)     26 March 2014

Originally posted by : fighting back

he will never stay with such a should go the ganga river and pray for penance............go and practice HR among a herd of donkeys..................

@ fighting back ...ROTFL .....what a advise :-) .................@ Pooja ........Patience ,penance and perseverance are the call of the day rather than filing false cases of 498 A  :-) .

Reformist !!! (Other)     26 March 2014

Pooja is one of those Confused women who actually dont know which path to follow after filing 498A....

Northern Queen (Manager)     27 March 2014

@fighting back - I laughed all night at your brilliant comment and just ending to Pooja troll's whinging:


'go and practice HR among a herd of donkeys'


Respect to you man.  Keep up the good work.


Lets raise awareness about IPC 498a across the globe.  It's unfair, corrupt and damaging to Indian families. The real victims are suffering because of the troll wives, bent Advocates (sharks in suits), Police (criminals in a uniform), Judges (idiots in wigs) and Politicians (covered in innocent victims blood).  Name and shame the scoundrels who are taking and making money for  all the wrong reasons.  Join hands and get this despicable law changed.  

harish (manager)     27 March 2014

my suggestion - take a divorce peacefully as u should have thought of staying together before filing false cases,u people want to use this law as a tool for harrasement just to put husband to ur terms and just bcoz of people like u ,the real one gets suffered ,and u deserve to b alone,u r lucky that he is not doing anything against u ,a person like me would have said- NA RAKHUNGA NO CHODUNGA JO KARNA HAI KAR LE

fighting back (exec)     27 March 2014

@northern queen................:P.:)yes, actually i couldnt find a better comparision to suggest for the author of this thread...she deserves such words...........just look at her brazeness. she files cases, then she posts queries on this forum for property grabbing, (her past threads) then she realises that she cant get any,, so she files RCR!!! such a whimsical woman!!!......i wonder how such ladies get all the time and money to spend on useless things...

@stanley...........yeah man....she deserves such words.......i couldnt think of anything else..........:D

fighting back (exec)     27 March 2014

@northern queen..........i really admire you,    inspite of being a lady, you are speaking out against the malicious intents of greedy women. good work from your side............i have seen you as the only lady in this forum who realises  the trauma innocent husbands have to go through, after fake cases are filed.......

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