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Husband is not joining me

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Northern Queen (Manager)     28 March 2014

@ Adv. Chandrasekhar - You should get a job sweeping the streets - it would suit your character much better - because you are just full of bullsh*t.


I noticed your surname contains the letters 'shark' in it - how appropriate!


You don't fool any of us about your true motives on here.  Your professional comments are hilarious and just expose you for the Mickey Mouse Lawyer that you are.


@queriest - i think you should kiss your husbands a** - and avoid Advocates like Chandraskhar (aka SHARK and Mickey Mouse Lawyer) His type are hell bent on destroying Indian families just to line their own pockets and get rich quick.  

Pooja_____ (HR)     30 March 2014

I think, I need to clarify the chronological order

1. Husband filed divorce

2. I filed 498a

3 Divorce dismissed and appeal in high court

4. 498a dismissed. Husband added it in his appeal in High Court.

5 Divorce Appeal dismissed.

High Court has not granted divorce even after dismissal of 498a. Do you still think that it is my fault and husband deserves divorce?

I am working and not asking for any maintenance because I don't want money and don't want divorce.

Reformist !!! (Other)     30 March 2014

Hi Pooja,

After your 498a has been dismissed, what do you want now ?? If you do not want money and not even divorce, then whats the main Aim ???

If you think, he will take you back..........Then i must say u should stop thinking on this topic, as he is never ever gonna take you back in his lifetime.........

As far as i remember, u appealed for his conviction in Sessions court where it was dismissed again and then u wanted to go to HC for order against acquittal.......I am really unable to understand the motive. Either  you want to harass him and his family . If you are going for appeal on one side for his acquittal, on the other side you say that you want to stay with him...........This thing is actually out of the world which you are talking abt........

Choose your motive and aim accordingly, as you have no option left ....... I wud suggest u MCD..... or sit tight and spend ur life as a single lady 

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Gopal Arora (Engineer)     30 March 2014


Both of you would have lived separately atleast for 5 to 6 years now. Divorce in lower court and appeal in high court generally takes this much time.

If high court has not given divorce even after 498a then there is something wrong with your husband or he has not handled his case properly.

If your husband is wrong then why you don't want divorce? Do you think, you won't find other person or you want to take revenge?

Whether your husband is wrong or right, he will have to take a very big risk to accept you back.  If your re-union does not work, you will definitely put him in jail. In the past he filed divorce case and you retaliated with 498a.

Whether your husband can take this risk?

makmak (CEO)     03 April 2014

Mr Chandrasekhar,

Dont mislead the women in the country to allude to your type of tricks. I am one of the victims of false 498a, my wife was jumping sky-high on the advice of the lawyer to extort me with Rs 200000. She filed 498a only to see middle finger from me and finally her lawyer disappeared and got expartee now. When 498a is dismissed, dont you know that itself is ground for husband to seek divorce in future if she is trying to excecute dimissed divorced pettition?

I have been regular reader of this forum for last four years  and I know well your past posts. I just appeared in different name here.

Please do correct service to help women.

@ Pooja,

Pity you, you lost, please accept and move on and make mends in your next innings. I only hope you acted out of emotions and ready to medy you

No person charged with 498a will take his wife back!!!


makmak (CEO)     03 April 2014


The collosal mistake you did was step(2) which is final nail in your married life for cremation. You cannot force an unwilling husband, better move on than prolonging this court battle.

harish (manager)     05 April 2014

Bravo , never seen so much of replies to any queries , can u believe dis miss pooja, what d hell had happened to the guys who faced 498 , their families have ruined , so much of mental pressure from society, all dese men would prefer to stay alone and pay for s*x rather dan gettin into a relation so called marriage , pl stop thinkin of going back and take mcd, and the time has come , may b another year , we will abolish dis law and i personally feel u women r equally wrong as lawyers are

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