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ram   05 February 2015

How to stop divorce

Hi All,

My wife left home in Apr 2013. I admit my mistakes in the separation. My mistake was - I had email and SMS correspondence with few girls and wife had seen the same. I have no affairs with any girl outside. All the emails and SMS from me by mistakes and I requested many time my wife to forgive me. I have a son of 12 years old. My wife is staying with her parents. I made several attempts to call my wife. She is not picking up my phone calls and never allowed me to meet my son. My son is crying everyday to meet me.

First, I have filed the case of "Restoration of Conjugal Rights" (RCR). After RCR, my wife filed a divorce case with all false allegation. The RCR is at the Trial stage.

Family court Judge is involved and has done the re-conciliation. Since I had not met my son for almost last 2 years and on my request, Judge has made a COURT ORDER to meet my son in school. Court has sent a Order copy to the school.

I met my son in the school. But as my wife and in-laws tutored and did brain wash, my son is also saying all false and lies against me in front of Judge with the fear of my wife and in-laws.



1.  How I can drag the case ? I hope at some point of time my wife will think to come back.

2. Is there any way to arrange a face-to-face meeting of my son with a clinical psychologist to reveal the truth ?

In summary, I need my wife and son back to my life. Please advise and suggest.

Thanks and regards,



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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     05 February 2015

have you initiated any elder person to have discussion with your inlaws and your wife and how come you filed RCR petition without any initiation of resolving the issue 

may RCR is for restoration but also leads to more easy steps for divorce petition 

1.  How I can drag the case ? I hope at some point of time my wife will think to come back.

normally divorce case takes some years to decide without dragging it

2. Is there any way to arrange a face-to-face meeting of my son with a clinical psychologist to reveal the truth ?

you should have strong evidences to prove your facts

saravanan s (legal advisor)     05 February 2015

If u are going for contested divorce it will easily go upto six years..so no need to drag it.if u are not at fault ur son will know very soon.dont worry

laxmi kant joshi (instructor)     05 February 2015

I think you are consealing the facts, no-one will believe that your wife and 12 years son had left you mere sending some emails and sms which you had send to the few girls, pl. come with the complete facts and don't hide anything only then we can give you better legal advise.


I agree with experts

Prasad (Systems Engineer)     06 February 2015


Hi Ram,


If you are willing genuinely to bring back your wife and son, LEGAL HELP IS NOT REQUIRED AT ALL.


Legal ways are effective only to get divorce.




Legal ways cannot restore marriage nor bring love and trust in husband and wife.


You may win RCR. But you will lose your wife and son forever.


Because RCR is crude way to unite with a spouse. Love and trust is the right way to unite with your wife.


Forget the RCR case. Courts cannot create love in a wife and affection in a son.


You have to create love in your wife and affection in your son.


So, stop any attempt to drag the case. Let the case go on.


You should not even go to court.


Stop contesting against the divorce case filed by your wife.


Stop any attempt to take your son to any doctor. No need at all.



Then just try your best to talk to your wife in an amicable way.


Get the help of elders, relatives and friends. Everybody will be willing to unite a husband and wife.


Talk genuinely so that your love and trust on your wife shows up.


Just treat your son well. Just see him from distance and smile at him genuinely.


Put good money in your wife's account every month.


Put special money to get gifts to your son.


You should send out unconditional love and trust to your wife and son.


Soon they will realize your love and come to you.


Try this. It will surely work for you.


Legal ways will never bring back your wife and son. 



I have shared this idea based on its success with one of my friend.

ram   06 February 2015

Hi All,

I would like to add few more things:

Apart from the email and SMS exchange, there were few other reasons. I am listing some of them:

1. In 2004 , I was staying in rented house in Mumbai. Due to a minor argument my in-laws had taken my wife and son to their native place. Wife demanded, I must have my own house in Mumbai. As a result, I purchased a flat in Mumbai. Then she came and stayed with me.

2. In 2007, I was in tremendous projects and work pressure. I also had called my younger brother and sister to stay with me for few months so that I could boost their career with the higher study. Probably my wife did not like my siblings staying with me. Due to a minor argument on phone (I was at work place) my wife left home with son and with the guidance of my in laws. I called many times, she ignored me. Also she had filed a FIR in police station. But police never approached me. So I am not sure if the FIR is true of just a false letter. But some how, I brought my wife and son back in 2008.

3. My parents were poor. Hence I have purchased agriculture and horticulture land at my native place. My wife was not in favor of this.

4. Due to loans etc, I was bit indifferent towards few comfort living needs such as AC in the new house etc.

5. My wife demanded my properties to be transfer to her name with the fear that, I might have affair outside etc.

From 2008 to 2013, our married life was wonderful. Every year I used to organize a tourism trip for my family and in-laws all together. We used to spends 1 lac every year and all were happy. 

I used to buy gifts and sweets etc regularly for my in-laws as they were also helping me in many ways.

But when the crisis came in my life, all people left me alone. Now I am struggling alone and fighting to get my family back.

My contributions


1. I purchased a beautiful flat in Mumbai, keeping in view that my son will grown up and can study or work in Mumbai.

2. On my wife's request, I purchased another 2 floor house and plot in my Native city. The house is in its finishing state.

3. As food security, I have purchased agriculture and horticulture land.

4. I am now working as Technology Project Manager with an very reputed International bank and continuously have my promotions with work awards.


My Surprises in current life


1. I am now alone. Helping all. Spending money in my younger brother's marriage. 

2. Saving money for my wife and son for their future

3. Making house for them. It is very surprise that my wife and son provided all wrong and negative statements in front of Judge. 

4. My wife said to the Judge that, in last 12 years my husband only purchased one Dress for me. I was shocked.

5. My son said to the Judge that, I am beating him with belt and is not giving food. It was another Shocking for me. My son was my most dearest. I never even slapped him

I am trying to analyze, where I made mistakes. Is it my in-laws are trying to force me to transfer properties into my wife's name?

Many time I thought to marry another girl by giving divorce. But I changed my thought, as it will impact all 3 (me , my wife and son). 

I am now suffering every moment. Please guide me what I need to do. 

 I know few people who can initiate talk with my in laws.

Please provide your suggestions.

Thanks and regards,



Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     06 February 2015

Dear Querist

fight the case on merit till SC, and in all the procedure  for fighting till SC will take more then 10-15 years. but it will be very costly, so it will be better to settle the matter amicably with her and her parents and try to go for MCD, if she is not ready to live with you then nobody can force her to live with you.


for the future of the child, if you think that you are the right person for bright future of the child then file a child custody case before family court under guardian & wards Act and fight for child custody.


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Prasad (Systems Engineer)     07 February 2015

Ram... Please do not bring court, lawyer, judge between you and your son.

The father son relationship will be come ugly and damaged beyond control.

The legal system has already worsened the husband-wife relationship and reduced it to just money based relationship.

Please stop fighting in court. Be patient. Wait for the opportunity for your son to see your love.

SuperHero (Manager)     08 February 2015

Pray to God The Almighty, to Save the marriage. Pray Whole Heartedly.

Repent for mistakes done and try not to repeat the same.

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