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How to marriage with my father's sister's daughter

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Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     09 June 2012

The last post of Mr. Sharma was on 31st October, 2011. Is he still waiting and watching for an advice?

Rajiv kXXXX (Life sciences analyst)     09 June 2012

Well said manish, very Good argument raised by you. MR. sunil sharma please respond as we want to know what decision you took? or what's the current status.

sunil sharma (Manager)     09 June 2012

I have done Regetered marriage with her in Tamilnadu as i am working here since past 5 years...............Let's see wats happens next.............As it is my decision, so i will face it.............i ave tried a lot with all your suggestions but.....the things were not gone in that way.....So, there is no option remains....& final decision........jab pyar kiya to darna's Life........Kisi ko Akela chodne se accha hai...uske sath milkar lado...!!


Marte to bahut hai Jung-E-Mahobbat me "Galib"

AA zara Lad ke Dekhe, ke Fanna kaise hua jaata hai.............!!

nikhil (self)     11 June 2012

Congrats Sunil! Finally u did it. I am also into the exact same situation (same relation- me as the son of my lover's mother's brother) with the only difference that we have left our homes and are on the run. Now we are planning to get converted to christianity and get married. Going thru all the replies, i think dats the only solution. Plz advice.

madusa (private employe)     12 September 2012

is it possible a person can marriage with his mother's sister's daughter.


nani (stud)     24 September 2012


buddy go for it....
 i am gonna do the same... 

and for legal thing you have more loops i guess if one of the family accepts that should be fine,
even if not, you may marry her but do not register the marriage. so, you can stay together (living in relation) legally as per the new laws. 

here i am giving some examples for moral support 
I will send you some info from Hindu ithihas also


Emma Darwin (née Wedgwood) (2 May 1808 – 7 October 1896) was the wife and first cousin of Charles Darwin, the English naturalist, scientist and author of On the Origin of Species. from WIkipedia Emma Darwin.

Einstein married Elsa Löwenthal (née Einstein) on 2 June 1919, after having had a relationship with her since 1912. She was his first cousin maternally and his second cousin paternally. In 1933, they emigrated to the United States. from Wikipedia Albert Einstein

In the Mahabharata, one of the two great Hindu EpicsArjuna took as his fourth wife his first and cross cousin Subhadra, the sister of Krishna.
Subhadra and Arjuna's son was the tragic hero Abhimanyu. According to Andhra Pradesh oral tradition, Abhimanyu himself married his first cross-cousin Sasirekha, the daughter of Subhadra's brother Balarama.[178][179] 
It seems that the tradition and rules of Dwapara yuga have allowed cross cousins to marry as evident from Arjuna's marriage with Subhadra, Pradyumna's( Eldest son of SriKrishna) marriage with Rukmi's( Brother of Rukmini) daughter.
Also Srikrishna himself married to cross cousin "Mitravinda"( Daughter of Vasudeva's sister Rajadhi Devi who was Queen of Avanti) and "Bhadra" ( Daughter of Vasudava's sister ShrutaKeerti who was queen of Kekaya kingdom.)These stories are indication of influence of South-Indian kinship system on mythology. from Wikipedia Cousin Marriage

Rajiv kXXXX (Life sciences analyst)     25 September 2012

Hello nani, do not worry about him now. Sunil has got married to the girl, he himself has posted it. so everything fine as of now.

db (engineer)     16 June 2013

hi evry body..@tajobs...sir can u tell me how to meet gogna sir..plzzz i need d process he has followed..any contact details of him....plzz tell me d process of conversion i dont know any thing how to get all this done...plzz help me..i love my cousin tooo much i cant live widout her...

db (engineer)     16 June 2013

@sunil sharma ...sir am too in your situation pls help me..want to contact u..giv me ur fb id,email id r ph no.anything

aman   14 June 2015

@sunil sharma can you pleaseee provide your mailing address,or anything so that we can contact you and wish you a happy marriage please do reply sir

arpanghal   24 September 2015

Can i marry my (My mother's mother) grandmother's brother's daughter or my grandmother's niece

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     24 September 2015

Originally posted by : arpanghal
Can i marry my (My mother's mother) grandmother's brother's daughter or my grandmother's niece


Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     25 September 2015

The query is 3 years old. Either he may have already married his cousin or would have renouced this world not being able to marry the girl he loved. The advice is too too late.

arpanghal   25 September 2015

Originally posted by : Sudhir Kumar

Originally posted by : arpanghal

Can i marry my (My mother's mother) grandmother's brother's daughter or my grandmother's niece


I am Alive :P

n there is no such situation with me which you already have anticipated :D

It just came in my mind because some says that we leave 4 villages when we are looking for a marrige, some says we leave 3 


Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     27 September 2015

In the South marriage between first cross cousins, marrage between first cross cousins once removed provided the previous generation was male and next generation was female and marriage between maternal uncle and niece are all allowed. I have seen such marriages first hand. Here if one sees from standpoint of the grandmother it would be proposal for a marriage between her niece through her brother and grandson through her daughter. Here the female is one generation up. I am not very sure.

There was a proposal from the first cross cousin of my mother for the marriage of her   (cross-cousin's) daughter to the grandson (daughter's son) of my mother, my nephew. Here also the girl belonged to earlier generation but was younger to my nephew. The marriage did not go through not because of any prohibited degree of relationship, but for other reasons. The girl's family was very poor, whereas the boy was very rich. I had no role in this.

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