How to harass false 498 wife and her family

I & my family being harassed by 498A, 323, crpc.125 etc., cases. The law forcing me to think like a criminal be and live like a criminal. There are many actual criminals in India (across the world too) who habituated to do crimes and escaping from the law. But we husbands are becoming scapegoats of these egoistic wives.


I'll be fascinated to know the cases which can be filed against such blood suckers.

Dear comrades please help in this battle.

Satyameva Jayate.



Technical Head

I would suggest you to not even contemplate the path of crime. Hatred begets more hatred, fight for your defence first rather than work from a sense of persecution of others.


Your wife may have tried to frame you in 498a but then you are not alone. It's the LAW OF THIS LAND that empowers her to do so. 498A is a long battle. She may realize the falsehood of her actions in due time. But if she still gives false witness in court during your trial, don't leave ANY stone unturned in getting her punished for perjury u/s 340.


Most effective tool is Tax Evasion Petition. If you FIL claims to have given dowry and has attached a dowry list (which the police attach with the chargesheet/challan), this can be very handy. Again, it's the will of the God whether your TEP may work or not. First TEP, then wait for 2-3 months, then follow up with RTI on status of TEP.


Read Shonee Kapoor's success story on A 498A on this guy turned out so positive for him that he is in now process of becoming a lawyer from a technocrat.  He has since help 100s of people.


Btw, do you have any kids? What's the background to your story? How long you been married etc. etc.?


Execllent reply Hari om sir,

In addition to TEP/RTI. Can he file a case of extortion against FIL/MIL family, depending upon the cases (package allegation) filed against him .

Police will surely not register the case.Can he move to court under 156 ?

Extortion case can give results early.

What you say Hari om sir?

Technical Head

@manpreet, I don't think court will entertain 156 against a 498A unless you have solid proof of threats of 498a from the inlaws before it was filed.


But 156 under DP (dowry prohibition) can be undertaken, it varies from state from state. Shonee tried it unsuccessfully but he was quite successful in TEP. His inlaws were penalised by some 5-6 lacs.


@Hari om,

I am not against TEP.This case can be in addition to TEP.

In 498a and package of cases, it is always mentioned that girl side has made an expenditure of 15-50 lacs and also produces fake inovices/jwellary bills.

Now if we move to court and  claim that  they have not made such a expenditure.This is just to extort money.if we have some proofs/telephonic recording.Then court will summon the jwellary shop,income tax dept before registering the case

Case 1.- Favouring the querist

Now once the jweller declines in the court that he has not sold jwellary to them.Income tax dept also declare that they have paid the tax in line with the expenses.

Now you can file TEP to income tax,they cannot decline the info-already shared with court.IT dept will also fear that if they donot share details,they will be again dragged to court.

Before the  trial stage of 498a/DP , you will have the required info in your hand and also a case running against them.

May be you can register one mofre case for fake bills.

Case 2- Favouring Girl -Very less chances

a.  Case rejected - No worries - atleast you tried - Girl side will understand that you are not only defensive,attacking also.

b.   Court summons jweller & income tax deptt  (Before directing police to register)- supports their claim

Then also you have solid clues about their income and you can prepare yourself for the case better.

Soni sir has fought his case very strongly and helping large no of victims.Hatts off to him.

Expecting your comment...




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