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Dheeraj G (Analyst)     18 December 2014

How to bring nri husband to india from uk

Dear members,



My sister got married in Nov 2013 with Green card holder of UK. After Marriage they had spend some days (3days) together here in India.


After he left India for his country his behaviour totally changed.  He is not talking with anyone and his family is not responding as well. 


Some of our relatives claiming that he already got married in UK to get permanent visa


We already logded Dowry case against them. But they have taken bail from local PC. Her husband hadn't made it clear that neither he'll come to India nor he will take to his country. 


We had made numerous attempts to solve the matter without going into the courts by involving family members, relatives and friends of both the families but all attempts had gone wasted.


My sister's husband is not willing come to India.


My first question is how to know whether he already got married or not


secondly how to bring him to India


Thirdly how to punish such people



Your Help will be Quite Appreciable.

Thanks in Advance.



 5 Replies

ROHIT SHARMA (Legal Advisor )     18 December 2014

1. Since you have already filed a Dowry case against him and his parents and his parents have got bail but he being away then knowing his address in U.K. the court can issue a N.B.W. and that can be served upon him through the International Police Protocol through Indian Foreign Ministry and he will then be deported to India.

2. If you have his passport details then even if he has a green card you can make an application to the Passport Officer from where his Indian Passport was issued showing that a N.B.W is issued against him then the Passport officer can impound his passport in case he lands in India.

3. To know whether he has married again in U.K. you can get affirmation of this by hiring some detective agencies in India having  liaison with their counter part in U.K.

4. The law will punish such person.

AS   20 December 2014

Practically you cant do anything in this better move on in life. 

Rocky Smith (Instructor @ Calcutta (     20 December 2014

Who knows whether your dowry case is false or not ?????


Whether you filed for malicious intention to extort money or not ?????

srk (Service)     24 December 2014

Dheeraj you never mentioned in your query that your sisters husband has taken dowry and demanded for more, as of i noticed if the bride side gives 1 lack as dowry they mention it is 5-10 lacks in the complaint any in any query, i doubt if your case is genuine, people always think that by filing 498a, DV 3 and 4 is the solution for everything even though it noway related, that is the reason foreign countries consider them as fake, as per USA on the gov website they publish that such cases are on rise and be cautious when travelling to India, extradition and deportation is far far far away, in order for a person to be extradited the court in UK should consider that husband to be guilty, and he can fight the case in UK, check the article below

if you really wanted your sister to stay with him you wouldn't have filed the dowry case. it isn't so easy to prove the allegation in the court.  solve the issue impeccably. that will save you time, money and peace of mind.


naives (Manager)     21 April 2015

Why did the husband only stay 3 days with your sister? did you know that?how long was in India for before these 3 days? I am sorry but did  you just plan to rush into getting your sister married to him and then blackmail him into either taking her abroad or giving her some money? Did you know the guy's family in India or just saw NRI and grabbed him?

Did he take Dowry and put in his suitcase and took it to UK? all within 3 days? If he couldn't pack in his suitcase then all the dowry you gave him must be there in India, just take your things back as within 3 days nothing must have been used...Just move on...and inspire your sister to have a life that's truly independent not via Shortcut...

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