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How many years my wife will remain in jail?

Today was the date of first motion of MCD and both parties (husband and wife) were ready on X amount.

But the greedy mother of wife started saying for 3X amount thus MCD was not filed.

They are saying now either take their daugther(my wife) back (at my house) or pay 3X.

What I am planning now if I am fail in getting divorce I will bring her back.


After 2-3 days I will write a suicide note that because of cruelty I am doing suicide then for how many years she will get jail?



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kuldeep kumar (lawyers)     30 May 2012

pure 10 sal ki saja may extend to 10 years.but dont tk such action.

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Hemant Agarwal ( Mumbai : 9820174108)     30 May 2012

Originally posted by :Rajendra kumar

After 2-3 days I will write a suicide note that because of cruelty I am doing suicide then for how many years she will get jail?



for:  "Rajendra kumar"

1.   MERE writing a "suicide note",  is not going to send your wife to jail.  You will actually have to commit suicide.  AS IT IS, AFTER you have successfully committed SUICIDE, the topic of your wife going to Jail or being let-off, won't matter to you.

2.  HOWEVER, instead of suicide, bring back the woman, enjoy life and try to live in peace  AND also save the 3X money and instead use the same 3X money to enjoy with your wife.  IT USUALLY WORKS, if you change  the mind-set.

3.  AFTER a year, IF you still have problems with your wife, then you can again think of what you are thinking now.

4.  COMMENT:   IT is not worth committing Suicide for a Woman, anymore.


Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal

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sri (ceo)     30 May 2012

greedy mother of wife started saying for 3X amount... get some evidence... can nail her and her family members and claim defamation and other damages...

your suicide bothers none...

police may put her in jail but will get out in 9 months like kalmadi or others...

understand that the system is running with money... without money one can be in jail for years without trial and with money... anything is possible...

before comforts all morals ethics and education is meaningless...

dk (owner)     30 May 2012

Dear Kumar,

U have already lost the case ! Your this msg is sufficient to bail her out showing your intentions.


U r stupid, if u suicide she will claim ur property which her mother want. Suicide note is not a guarantee. give a police complain, record all fone calls n collect evidence, don't take wife back let her mother say. Dont feel urslf a loser. First u win urself. u better know self. Make them to suicide why u. My case is same but i dont think of her mother, let u know- "JUNG MAR KAR NAHIN, DUSHMAN KO MAR KAR JEETI JATI HAI."

randeep singh (proprietor)     30 May 2012

Pls do not try to commit suicide for this woman. Intead join the Taliban and Al Qaeda. they need your suicidal types more. Plus they guarantee 72 virgins in after life!

Seriously- my suggestion is that you convert to Islam as a token and then go about marrying 3 more women. Your life then will be pleasureably F*ck*d rather than dryily f*ck*d( as now).

Actually why not take that money which your mother in law is demanding and go to thailand for a few months and have a great time there and send them pictures. Then also organise a fake HIV+ive certificate for yourself. Then ask your wife to move back in with you...... :)

After you get rid of this wife.....dont marry again. you are not qualified to have a woman.

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Thanks all for reply.

@Randeep Singh Thanks a lot for excellent reply.

K.K.Ganguly (Advocate)     30 May 2012

Since you have already discloed and admitted your plan/scheme to falsely and illegally put your wife behind the bar through electronic medium, may be you shall be charged  for criminal offences posthumously.

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when Indian law is not proving proper justice then definetely one will make his own law.

No one say anything to greedy girl's family they just made their daughter marriage a DHANDA.

dhirendra pateria (law officer)     03 June 2012

dear rajendra 

women are imotionless when it comes to husband -murgi mar jayegi aur maja bhi nahin aayega-gain your strength and fight the case-dont give up the god's precious life for stupid women we all are with u 


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