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Pam (partner)     16 November 2017

How can I tackle my principal (I am a female staff) who is mentally harassing me every day?

I am a young girl Professor 6 Years, Married working in private degree college since past 6 months in north Karnataka. My college Principal, @ aged 55, who is harassing all the faculty including me.

Only incident was when after college ended at 5 he continued a staff meeting without tea or snack break and continued till 10 PM. At 9PM I asked how much more time the meeting is continuing, he immediately snapped back. Next morning he didn’t give me attendance register and gave me a one line letter saying YOU are relieved from Nov 30. Since then he is harassing me, on some pretext or another.

  1. Can he terminate me without giving notice and explanation and hearing from me?
  2. He is told other staff that I will see that you will not get job anywhere else.
  3. He is spreading all lies about my personal life, saying silly abusive things about my character.
  4. Just because I asked when the meeting will end, He is spreading all lies that I am arrogant and abusive.
  5. He is spreading lies that my teaching is pathetic, while my students love me for my professional attitude and teaching.
  6. He is assigning me work with unrelated office jobs, none connected with my Job profile.
  7. He abuses me and other staff with filthy language and also says women should stay at home.
  8. During all such mental harassment I have had a miscarriage.

He has similarly harassed previous Females’ faculty and got away with it.

Now what are my options?

  1. Legally
  2. Police
  3. Women’s Commission


I need the job right now.

Please do help   


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If you cannot continue to work in a particular environmnet, change the place.  Go to some place where the atmosphere is condusive for your working method/style.


Start your own company./college where you make the rules. 

These are the only 2 sane options for you.

Courts, tribunals are waste of time and money, especially in your case.

Best way is to apologize.  Dont be under wrong impressoin that students love the way you teach.  At their level they wont even know what is best and what is not for them.  They only kknow one thing, ie to nod their head and laugh at jokes.  Dont take their smiles seroiusly.  If a college principal is suggesting that your method of teaching is bad, then you need to rectify your style of teaching.

North karnataka people start talking with abuse.  Soolemagne, bolimugne, huch sooli muggne, half thull, thulle are all common way of addressing people.

I feel you are not from north karnataka, best way is to quit the job or take transfer.

seshadri dubey (none)     16 November 2017

With due respect to you Madam, I would like to know from you whether you are a govt. employee or not? there are many recourses first let me know this thing?

Pam (partner)     16 November 2017

private college

M.S.R.Murty ( Manager (Admn))     17 November 2017


If the evidences are strong at your end, Women's Commission as well as Police complaint is advisable

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