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stylistperson (Director)     08 April 2011

How and where to fight against 498a?

Hi to all legal experts,

Would you able to say what is the best way to fight against misuse of 498a?

How can victims and other people can start fight against this gender bias law?

How can people stop this legal terrorism?

Here everyone is fighting to survive. As I can see the picture will remain same tomorrow as is today. Many more will trapped  by misuse of 498a and will go with the same process of surival guide. They will get bail, go for quashing the matter in high court or will go ahead with trial court and will waste their time and money and mostly end up with common decision of compromise by outside court settlement with money.

As we can see the Anna Hazare is fighting for Jan Lokpal Bill to fight against corruption, is there any way go ahead to make this act right.?

Please give details of if there are any groups are keen active to fight against misuse of 498a.

Please advice where can we write about and fight?






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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     08 April 2011

You have to challenge the act . There is no other alternative way.  You have to create a awareness in the minds of the people that how the legal terriorims is using.  Even for silly reasons there will be 498a case.  It  has become a fashion

.You can visit

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stylistperson (Director)     08 April 2011

Thanks Rajoo. I visited the site and there are many several sites are assisinting to survive? How would it possible to unite them? Does anyone know any other organisation or anyone else who is leading this at this stage? What is the legal procedure of to challenge the act? Before we challange, what are the points need to be set up as it's widely misused however there are few genuine cases too in villages and in backward societies. Thanks.

stylistperson (Director)     08 April 2011


Here is the another link I found. This will help other victims and supporter against 498a here.

Jayesh (Hardware )     10 April 2011


I have a query regarding child custody

Jayesh (Hardware )     10 April 2011

Can father get the custody of male child who is 5years 7 months old.

stylistperson (Director)     11 April 2011

Sorry Jayesh, I am not professional legal advisor so rather to misguide you, I would keep shshhhhs.  But nothing is impossible so I say yes you can get custody of your child. May have to play other way then the way you playing.

I am trying to gether 498a victims and trying to find the way force amendments to save future vicitms.



Murugan (Software)     15 April 2011

Dear stylist person,

Thats a nice spirit you have, I am too a victim of it. The website to go is

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stylistperson (Director)     17 April 2011



Every victim of 498a must write the fact to wherever they can write; Media, Prime Minister, President, Human Rights etc.

If will not gether and act together, none of the victim will win.

Here are few contact details I did, sharing with other victims to send as header of LEGAL TERRORISM BY MISUSE OF 498A. for President of India for Human Rights India for NDTV Feedback (e.g. for Media, there are countless)

Please others who know have any other links or addresses, please share here.

Don't forget to send your fact.




stylistperson (Director)     21 April 2011

Here is the another link. All victims must be adviced to sign their petition online.

stylistperson (Director)     21 April 2011

1. Fill the new 498a victim questionnaire at: It would help us understand your case better. Please be assured that all details would be treated in STRICT CONFIDENCE.

2. Please register at We urge you to make proper use of the collective knowledgebase of the forum and ask your questions on Please post your story in the Victims Advise corner and you will receive many helpful suggestions.

3. Once you are member of forum, chat online with fellow victims and some experts who have experience in this area, you can log on to with you 498a forum login and password.

4. If you have fill the questionnaire at: with your current phone number, you could reach out the local victims from your own city by using the free portal:

5. Make a detailed statement (with every detail you can think of, do not worry if the document becomes lengthy one) about your innocence and handover to police commissioner in writing (copies to SHO your local police station, ACP your local police station, DSP your local police station and a copy to ACP of her local police station. State in the document that you are under threat of "Falsely Implicating you, your parents and relatives in Dowry related and other criminal cases". If possible mention Blackmailing etc. This is sort of Advance Declaration from your side about your situation and your problems. This will be your weapon to defend their allegation.
If you have any evidence, file a complaint in police station and get a stamped copy, if not possible send through registered post. Then move to court and try to register the same under criminal procedure 156(3), for necessary investigation.
If the complaint made in police, CAW cell , try to get the copy and apply for Anticipatory bail , court notice for protection whatever applicable as per your state , at any cost you or your family member should not surrender to police , once you are able to get the bail , they will be under pressure . Collect all the related judgments, from Supreme Court and high court, to get the bail easily.
Always ask the bail for family members first (except husband) . Once the same achieved , then apply for the bail for husband in lower court , lower court will may reject it , move to session court ( may reject it ) , move to high court ( may reject it ) , then move to supreme court , we are here to help you out.
Normally at High court it self the bail or arrest stop judgment gives, as they know Supreme Court Judges are not fool. In case of TADA/POTA also people get bail, this is a family dispute only.

6. Collect evidences of your innocence. Because you have to prove that you are innocent. SHE DOESNT NEED TO PROVE ANYTHING. This you can send to president of India, Prime minister of India, Human right organization, News paper Editors etc.

7. Be cautious while talking over phone etc. Be very nice to them and do not say anything bad or negative. They might be recording it.

8. Record their conversation if they speak to you about all this. Keep the backups of the evidence.

9. Gain knowledge about laws and your rights. It is very necessary for you to make an effective Action Plan. Join our group and browse for the uploaded files in our website and search in Google for 'Misuse of 498A'. Gain knowledge and confidence.
Because only you know about your relationship status and having knowledge about LAWS and FACTS definitely will help you to make an effective plan.

10. Don’t by shy in public. Don’t try to hide this matter anymore. This happens in each and every 3rd house in India. Let neighbors, friend circle and others know the facts from you before she spreads any FALSE story.

11. If possible keep track of their current activities if you have some 'Reliable Source of information' from the other side.

12. Check for the evidence in your premises which could be used to prove that she is NOT willing to continue with you and SHE JUST WANTS TO WALK OUT FROM THE BOND OF MARRIAGE for no apparent reason.

13. If you want to reduce the problem for your family members, disown your self from your father legally and book a working hostel /accommodation , to show that you stay separately , no relation with your other family members .

14. Don’t feel Sad/Bad/Pity. We have to face this situation BOLDLY. No other alternate. stay happy at any cost, we all are with you!!!!!

15. Browse the judgements (even just the headings) available at to clarify some common myths and misconceptions about 498a related cases.

Paras (Engr)     06 June 2011

Hi, you from which place of india. If you want to make your efforts to stop misuse of 498a. just visit the site and check the nearest meeting place and attend meeting and start effort. paras

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