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Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     08 May 2012

Has sir tajobsindia quit the forum???

Guys, Look at the message in Sir Tajobsindia profile.. We dont want to loose such people who have helped many genuine victims... Join me in calling back such knowlegdable person who has quit the forum due to some irresponsible people

I guess I've clean LCIWEIRED too long and it's not a dry thing now no more." 


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Ranee....... (NA)     08 May 2012


@Swapnil Shirodkar

Did you read Tajobsindia's last thread that he posted (((((((":Clean and dry is it going to raise the bar on alimony now" )))))))) in LCI?

This thread has been deleted by admin and Roshni and I also wrote nd protested in this thread.Please don't ask me about it's contents and since then Tajobsindia is not writing in this forum.

I dont think this is  for some irresponsible people.Because  some irresponsible and also sick who write nonsense about tjobsindia  are here from long ago.

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Vishwa (translator)     08 May 2012

I would certainly urge Tajobsindia to come back as we all enjoy reading his posts and very often benefit from them.



sri (ceo)     08 May 2012

stevejobs... tajobs... going... going... gone... gone...

all legends have their day...but legends do not get upset for funky reasons...

the judicial system itself is on intangible base...

get the spirit of mumbai into your head... walk off through bomb blasts... sweat, sneeze, fart and move on in jam packed smelly locals...

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     08 May 2012

Whatever the case may be, he was Unbeatable and no body could challenge his Views.. One shoudl really appreciate the time and pais he took to post all the Nuts and and Bolts case by case... 


Ranee....... (NA)     08 May 2012

He will come.Wait for few days.Give him time.

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     08 May 2012

the latest message in his profile shows that he is upset why the admin deleted that thread discussing the cream meant to lighten *****.


whereas,he was expecting LCI members to come and discuss why this cream shud be used OR not used.


when admin did not allow this nonsense to occur,he got angry and left.


let him leave.....

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Tajob's is a good person coz i also read his several posts and all are knowdegeable.

Hat's off for a great person and request him to come back, LCI as well all needs his great advices.

Rest decision is with him.



Abhinatre Gupt.

...Irene... (Bean Counter)     08 May 2012



“When you meet a man, you judge him by his clothes; when you leave, you judge him by his heart”- Russian Proverb

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Surprising that he's taken a break.Wonder what this gentleman is upto !!


Doooobie ....... when will you take a break ????




When you get jailed in the 498A case.I will take a break