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satheesh (staff nurse)     11 June 2021

Got a children passport without husband's knowledge

Dear sir

I am staying kuwait since 6 years. I am married and has a 1.5 year female child. Since birth my wife and and child in india in her mother's house.(Wife has some problem since marriage. Not willing to stay in my own house). My last vacation ends on February 2020.  From March 2020 till date I'm in kuwait.

My present problem is while I am in kuwait without my knowledge she applies the passport for my child and she got on September 2020. Her passport address is differ ( not same as my passport) she got child passport also in her address. And I heard a news that she wants to fly to dubai with the child without my knowledge.

1.How to cancel the passport what she got without my consent?

2. Can I take any legal action against my wife for cheating the passport office by imitate my signature and the hide the fact that I'm in kuwait?

3. If I cancel that child passport Amy problem will in future to get the passport in future?

4. If found my wife guilty what punishment she will get?

5. If she is guilty., can I take  my child to my custody?


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Sankaranarayanan (Advocate)     11 June 2021

 state the facts clearly.

Applied passport for kids not crime.  Based on the application , after proper enquiry only the passport will be issued to the applicant. seems there is no issues in it.

How could say she used your signature by forged manner?

Address in the passport can be changed at any time.

fly to Dubai for what? have any employment? give clarity 

satheesh (staff nurse)     11 June 2021

while applying child passport needed both parent signature in annex. if any parents staying out of india that parent must give another annex duly sign verified by the Indian mission or embassy. without that annex we can conclude she forged my sign in annex.
flying to dubai she is telling for employment without my interest. I told her to come to kuwait to live with me but she is not interested

Sankaranarayanan (Advocate)     11 June 2021

Send a legal notice first with the support of local advocate and act according to the lawyer advise 

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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     11 June 2021

Please do not wash "dirty linen" in public.  What exactly you wanted or your benefit in exposing your wife at this point of time after 8 years of separation, and when she is not willing to live with you.

When the wife wanted to live independently and wishes to bring her child with her expenses, can you better the relations by filing a complaint on such wife and further harass.

Be practical.  Yes.  She may have committed irregularities for the passport and there are not fraudulent motives to deprive any one of their rights/property..  She has not harmed your interest at all.

Why should you stand in her way.  Ignore all this and be kind and considerate like a real man..  Please do not spoil her honest efforts and show your anger by witch-hunting.  "Live and let live" should be the principle.

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satheesh (staff nurse)     11 June 2021

please read the topic what is posted... don't mingle other queries with this... this issue not related to old one....
it is a single issue happened in a family who was newly married 2and half years back and has child aged 1 and half

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     11 June 2021

Nowhere you have stated the marriage date in the query and your date of marriage is immaterial to your query and you are married is the fact.  The focus is on the present issue of action by a husband against a wife.  Members can express their opinion as you have solicited in your forum and you are the sole boss and king that has to consider those suggestions and then opt for those who feel is better..  Almost all contributors in this forum advocate blissful living among the married couple and never suggested for separation or harassment., as no one is aware of the facts and can not take one version alone as consideration.

satheesh (staff nurse)     11 June 2021

Really sir...

I agreed....

please give ur number (what's app)  we will discuss about it

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     11 June 2021


Please wait for others to comment on the query and let them react 1.  to the wrongful action of a newly married wife, staying with her parents with 1.5year aged daughter and her attempts in joining her husband at Kuwait, and 2.  her husband's reaction for wife's efforts in joining her husband  (she wants to fly to dubai with the child without my knowledge.)at least to a small country in which he is living and not to some other place and 3. on wife providing the address where she was residing in the past and present for easy verification by police.( Query: Since birth my wife and and child in india in her mother's house.(Wife has some problems since marriage. Not willing to stay in my own house).

I just stop at this reply.


P. Venu (Advocate)     11 June 2021

Yes, there are deeper issues of marital discord. The issue you have posted is the symptom than the malaise. And attacking symptoms such discord in marital life could only worsen the situation irreparably. 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     12 June 2021

Passport of a minor with consent of parents -  Annexure H
Minor with a single parent Annexure H
Single parent of a child born before marriage: Annexure C
Legal guardian Annexure H
Application by one of the parents when consent of both parents cannot be obtained Annexure G
Parents live separately but are not divorced Annexure C



From the bove it can be seen that she could have used the suitable annexure to obtain the passport, therefore there may not be any legal infirmity in obtaining passport for minor child .

Further  since you are also residing in a foreign country, in my opinion there may not be an embargo for she taking the minor child along with her to the foreign country without your consent. 


Hence you first ascertain the illegal activities,. if any, done by her as per law and then plan to initiate actions as per law. 



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