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Lady India (dipl.oec)     19 March 2012

Girls family cancel engagement and filed a case

I am citizen of Austria, i been 3 years in relationship with Indian man, who keep me as a secret in front of his familly. One day he inform me that he is engaged to local girl, that was arrengend marriageand and that he can not countinue relationship with me. After that i decide to go to India and fight for our love. Girl's family come to know about me, and they cancel engagement and file a case against my ex boyfirend. They put a complaint against him and memebers of his family, that he was in realtionship with me and that we have kids together, and he was keeping that as secret trying to marry her. That is absolutelly not true. I am scared that my love will finish in jail, since all the case is in court now.

He have a lawyer allready, but his so much stressed, not talk to me much. I dont understand why they are making so big deal since there was no marriage between me and him, and no marriage between him and her. And what that complaint exsactly mean in Indian law. He is accused for what? How somebody can accuse him that he have a kids without right evidence. Its seems everything is so complicated in India. If I could get legal advise. I want to help him to be free again, and to be relese of all charges. Please help me, i dont know what to do. If I make some statement may be it would help him?


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**Victim** (job)     19 March 2012

We might have to write an essay for u when it comes to marriage or divorce in india. You did well atleast a first Austrian who went to india and stopped ur boyfriend from getting engaged. Your boyfriend will go through hell with cases in india

**Victim** (job)     19 March 2012

Would you pls elaborate more on wht cases has been filed against ur boyfriend ? I m sure he might be facing bigamy charges ........

Shantilal Pandya ( Advocate)     19 March 2012

In  order that  a suitable advice  can be given I  need to    go through the  case  filed against your boy friend , besides  detailed  particulars of facts to be verifed , feel free to contact  or  arrange for copies of  rival documentsand pleadings if any ,

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (rpchughadvocatesupremecourt@hotmail.com))     19 March 2012

Dear Querist,

Though you have  not specified clearly,Your boy-friend must have been prosecuted/charged for 

i) Attempt to commit bigamy (to prove which strict proof of your marriage with him is necessary)

ii) Cheating (Decieving them into believing that he was unmarried (this charge would automatically fail also if your marriage with him is not proved)

iii) Though it may be hard to understand but he could also be implicated (falsely for dowry offences)

Feel free to talk !

Lady India (dipl.oec)     19 March 2012

Many thanks for your replys. I dont know much about the case. Only thing I know, they accuse him and his family members that we have kids, that we are in relationship and that he was hiding this from them trying to marry her. None of this is true, because he stop the contacts with me when he get engaged and we apsolutelly dont have kids, we are not married. I dont thik he is acusse for dowry offence because he is very well settled and have very nice salary. My personal opinion, if he had relationship before the engagement is his human right and freedom. They give some of my photos as a proof, and on that photo we are together with one small girl from my neighbourhood, which they belive she is our daughter. How can I prove that she is not our kid? Can i make some statement wich would help him on the court to prove that he is inocent???

Human (MRA)     19 March 2012

Lady India, just check the sections under which cases are filed on your boyfriend.


Since marriage did not happen and was cancelled by the girl's side, limited cases related to cheating only can be done (since no marriage, no matrimonial cases can be there).


Dont worry much, just get the info and post it here, I am sure lot of experts will be able to help you.


It is nice to see that you are doing what a wife was once expected to do in India while her ex-fiancee is doing what women of India are best in doing now a days i.e. extortion.


But, to be honest, it wasnt right even at your Boyfriend's end to not telling the truth of your relationship to his parents.

Lady India (dipl.oec)     19 March 2012

I really love him a lot, and I feel so sorry that all his family need to go to the police station to sign the bail every week. I provide him a document from my court that I never been married. I am not sure if that will help. I am also trying to get document from my doctor wich will proove that I am girl who never give a birth. Do you think that can help? They says that court in India taking so long???

Human (MRA)     19 March 2012

You really need to get update on what cases have been filed?


Since the marriage did not happen, very limited cases can be there logically but then not every thing is logical here.


You can keep getting your certificates and keep those with you for now. May be required later.


Please note that in India instead of proving yourself right, objective is to prove other one wrong.

Anon (EFG)     19 March 2012

In India if a women files a complaint all her statements are considered gospel truth without any evidence or fact checking. 

Even if he is rich he might be charged with dowry as this is common trick used by girl to send boy side to jail.

What you could do at this stage is contact the investigating officer of the case and give him affidavit from that cour that you & him are not marriage and dont have kids. 

Ranee....... (NA)     19 March 2012

Your boyfriend is a coward.He deserves punishment.Imagine if you won't come to india, marrieage would get performed, you will be in his life, then what wud be his newly wed wife feel knowing about you?Dont blame girlside.

Lady India (dipl.oec)     19 March 2012

I think complaint is about cheating since they are accusing him that he is in ''living relation'' with me and beside that he want it to marry her. I was calling police officer who is in charge for a case, and he was asking ''Are you his wife'' .I said no, we are not married and we do not have kids. That man was a bit rude to me, saying I shouldn't be calling. He ignore me must probably because I am European and for sure they will be on side of Indian girl. I am really sad that my love is in trouble. Its my fault that I arrive to India without his knowledge but my love for him is very strong.

Lady India (dipl.oec)     19 March 2012

Dear Ranee, my boyfriend broke up with me after get engaged. He inform me about everything. He ask me to forgive him, because it was lots of preasure on him from his family. And he didnt have any contact with me after engagement was done. It was my idea to arrive to India and tell his parents that I am in love with him. Since he was not brave to do so. I was thinking the girl's family will cancel automaticlly when they see me and how big is my love for him. But they did opposite, they file the case.

Ranee....... (NA)     19 March 2012

I can understand your position.In India, many times if a girl's engagement breaks it becomes difficult to make new relation/engagement.You are right in your part.He is to blame.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     20 March 2012

1. This is Nisha Sharma Part II as in image makeover kinda case


2. Lots of Indian men asked here that is a Indian divorcee better than Indian widower and or is a foreign girl better then Indian girl for marriage. Now don't say oye when was that !!! Hey wait did you not ask that c'mon !

This Austrian lady author's thread posting here and genuineness proves my point. Way to go I must say reading her posting, hardly seen such dedication among most of our Indian metro females.

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@ Author

Send a PM mentioning location of your friend and contact no. we will provide free moral / legal help to him and his family.  


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