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Ms. Bobby Anand (Advocate)     01 December 2008


Politicians of our courntry need to be wished GOOD MORNING & GET WELL SOON every minute.  There should be absolutely no tolerence for the Terrorists and  terrorism. No negotiations, NO demands heard or met and NO conversations. Ref to the recent Mumbai blasts, It was absolutely wrong on the media's part to have spoken to the terrorists and to have asked them as to what do they want? It was like putting words in their mouth and encouraging them or confirming their illusion that they can scare us and telling them that they have been successful and since we are scared therefore ready to surrender to your demands, so what are your demands ?. 

All of us heard the terrorists didn't know what to ask for when media asked them for their demands. They put the line on hold and seeked reply fom each other as to what should be asked for and in return of what...This was untolerable and could not be digested.  Does any one agree with me?


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SHEKHAR MISHRA (public servant)     01 December 2008

I   agree   with    your   views.

Ravi Arora (Advocate)     01 December 2008

yes i agree it was very shameful . there must be some rule regarding this so that they must respect the feelings of us . and stop playing with our emotions and respect of nation.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     01 December 2008

Dear Bobby, this is the first time we are on line, and I must admit that you have put on the forum which no one could think of. Yes, something is very seriously wroung with our political system, and our politicall Pundits have opened their eyes  as well as the entire country. But its better late than never. Its really very shameful. the events was not local incidents but international ramifications but the axe falls on the Home Ministry. I just dont know what is happening with this Country?

Ms. Bobby Anand (Advocate)     02 December 2008

Thanks for being in consensus...

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     02 December 2008

Pakistan is asking for evidence from India, but Pakistan better take care of Hindu kush bordearing Afghanistan and evidence may be found there in its soil.


Shree. ( Advocate.)     02 December 2008


Hello All,

              I don't know but why Indian media is not getting matured with time. Come on if we want to show we are different from others, please let make things change in different ways. For example broadcasting LIVE telecast is OK, but why the news reader wants to know the details of each and every situation. I mean knowing the position of Army is really gonna help a COMMON MAN in any way. Really a BULLSHIT work is done by our media and just saying our BRAVE REPORTERS. These guys are not allowed beyond certain areas.

Really Really shameful coverage by our immatured media. Atleast these foolish things are not expected from people like Rajat Sharma (INDIA TV, this channel is really an ass hole channel) and Rajdip Sardesai (asking a Japanese cook how he is feeling or he is scared, come on the person who has escaped this deadly battle will be scared only or they think he will be happy and enjoying.

The Indian media is really A1 bullsh*t coverage medium. Other channels like headline today, aajttak also follow the same league. All of them are idiots.

Our govt. is still not taking any stringent actions against terrorism. Come on Mr.Prime minister wake up now atleast before its too late. Why the hell we are lacking in security though we have everything.

Please Rajat Sharma, if u r reading this (i would say please read this)make some matured and logical statements and not like TERRORIST R WATCHING INDIA TV as of they don't have any work after taking the hostages and just to watch ur channel. And please if possible please close ur channel and start some fun reality show. Your channel's broadcasting is much much worst than the BIGBOSS 2 broadcasting.


 At the sametime,


 WHY we BLAME MEDIA ALONE. Look at the following:


2. NEVER in India's history has there been a DHARNA to protest pot-holed roads, lack of drinking water, missing power.

3. Every election 20% Criminals get elected to Indian Parliment.

So, what do we expect? Invariably no lessons will be learned.

All the above are CLEAR SIGNALS to Enemies of India - what else to needed to make a weak country ?. A few centuries ago it was ENSLAVED for similar reasons.


K.C.Suresh (Advocate)     04 December 2008

It is true that our media is immutured. They are in festive mood in several circumstances when they are not expected to do so. What is journalism what are their duties and responsibilities to the country. The posture and sacrifices of media persons and words like " for the first time in indian channel history our correspondent is reporting in a gound level laying position" Is it a big thing? Go to western media and war reporters, animal planet etc what the sacrifies they commit to the world for knowledge. Sir immutuire media is dangerous to the nation. But may be good to immature politicians. Law need to control media. Talking to a terrorist must be an offence. The reporter must be prosecuted. They should not do more than what an Indian can do under the law of this country.


yes i agree it was very shameful . there must be some rule regarding this so that they must respect the feelings of us . and stop playing with our emotions and respect of nation.

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