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For those who received dv case/498a case on diwali !

For those who received DV case/498a case on Diwali !


Cheer up, that's the Diwali gift your wife gave you for all the love you showed to her when she was with you or when she is still with you.  

Do not be afraid, lots of people are facing the same 498a/DV, do not be afraid, do not cry.  Have courage fight the case out till the end and come out clean of such cases.

Take help from this forum members in how to deal with crooked wife and in-laws.


You can teach her a lot of lessons later on by filing prejury case and defamation case.

Happy Diwali to you !


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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     03 November 2013

Nobody is saviour to anyone, let us stop provoking things

Northern Queen (Manager)     03 November 2013

@Kalaiselvan - You have no right to accuse anyone of provocation when the main topic is about standing up for one's rights and belief's. Speaking out about injustice should be actively encouraged and in a peacefull manner. The very reason people use this forum is to find out what their rights are when a miscarriage of justice (such as fake 498a) has being done and to get the help and advice they so desperately need.


As an Advocate, surely you must be aware that many innocent men (and women) are suffering because of these 498a trolls and they need help, not a hindrance.


There are many Advocates out there who are also encouraging these trolls to file false cases - and they should be shot at dawn for miscarriage of justice.


Are you one of these unscrupulous Advocates?


I sincerely hope not!


If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!


Happy Diwali - love and peace to everyone

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Shekhar (Proprietor)     05 November 2013

Well Said Northern Queen

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fighting back (exec)     05 November 2013

@helping hand....happy diwali to you too sir........

@ nothern queen......I am really amazed to see a woman, who is giving an honest opinion about indian baised laws,. you are truly the first woman i am seeing here who is very honestly putting her thoughts forward, toward helping innocent husbands who are trapped. hats off to you.

@ kalaiselvan...........no one is provoking anyone in this forum, on the contrary people are getting very informative and useful guidance from the learned members here. northern queen has rightly said about you, Are you one of these unscrupulous Advocates?

Advocates charge upto Rs 500 just to give a single advice. the learned members of this forum are doing a very great work by guiding and helping others in times of distress.

and why are you feeling provoked and bothered about members giving advises to others.??? i dont understand

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     06 November 2013

i was arrested last year along with my parents


10 / 11 / 2012 - just 1 day prior to Diwali !


but it was my fault - i denied to fulfill the demands !

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