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father being incited by his brother to go against my family


Hello Mr.Inno_sky  ,

    "WHO ARE YOU ?? and what right you have on your father ??" 

please read the above statement multiple times you will find the required response that you are looking for.

sorry to be rude, but this is how things work.



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The reasons stated by you is unbelievable and appears to be a created story to usurp the shop.


It is better you discuss with your father and amicably settle the issues between you. Otherwise your mother can file police complaint against your father and all other proceedings can be initiated against him.


Which personal law applies in your case?

Are you all Hindu?

Is the said shop owned by your father, or IT is on rent?

Which are the other properties owned by your father?

What is nature of ownership of property(ies); self earned/acquired, ancestral?

Has any LOCAL counsel that has examined the mutation records with all link docs opined that nature of property ownership is ancestral?

The other property (ies) is/are agricultural land, rural, Urban, or it is a building?

Are daughters of your father married?

Are sons of yor father major/adult?

The property is in which state?




IN case of Hindu male;

His, sons/daughters/wife have NO forced share in his self earned/acquired estate/property.

Wife is not a Co-parcener in ancestral property of husband.

Hindu husband/father is liable to maintain;

his wife

his sons till they attain adulthood

daughters and marry them as per his resources.

Although spouse and children can allege DV, that may need to be established.

False allegations become ground for separation as; Cruelty.

The said brothers and relatives have NO reason or right to influence the father as in query to harass, abuse, beat the spouse, children.

The spouse and children can of course approach state/police for allged harassment, nuisance, undue influence and prove the allegations…


However IT shall be better to involve the elders of the family, well wishers, panchayat, community leaders, mediators to find amicable soloution to the issue and resolve the matter.

If required, state/police can be involved and matter can be on records, for future reference.

In the end IT is spouses, children that shall be affected by unnecessary altercations, family disputes and if shop is the only source of income then income from shop that is required to maintain the family may be gone.


IT is entirely family’s internal and private matter to change the location of shop and can be solved within four walls of the family or with outside help.

Hope you are clear after reading all posts and may act wisely.


Ur family is mega Hindu joint family.all are living in same house.what is the reason to quarrel with u &Ur mother sister and others. If Ur earning members thencut off from him and go far away from him to lead peaceful life. Ur mother can file maintenance suit against him if his daughters are unmarried and no earnings they can also clIm for maintenance .if any ancestral property is their file civil suit for part ition



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