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Uma Maheshwar (Student)     10 May 2013

False illegal marriage

Respected Sirs,

    I am confused as to what to do at all. I am 21 years of age and am selected for job in Merchant Navy. It requires passport as cumpolsory. The thing is, I had a close relationship with a girl and we had consensual s*x too. Later we broke up. Now, she threatened suicide and forced me to marry her illegaly at a temple. Later on, While checking her e-mails, I came to know that this was a part of a plan hatched by her and her friend. Even now, they are threatening to destroy my career and life by filing police case and all. They are trying to get me to give them a xerox of my passport and all documents. I am very much harassed. The girl belongs to SC/ST and if she files a complaint, my whole life will be destroyed. Please suggest as to what to do. I am worried very much. By the way, I have their chat conversations to prove that they hatched the whole plan. Please suggest how far this would help me in defending myself. If a case gets registered and my passport is seized, my career is destroyed. Please help. So far, they have done following things: -

1] They forced me to sign on stamp paper stating that whatever happens to the girl, it is my responsibility and all. It was forced, I did not do it willingly. Most probably, they got it signed by Notary.

2] Till now, the marriage is not registered anywhere. And as far as I know, they can't register without my signature. I would like to solve this matter by myself as far as possible without the involvement of parents.

                                                            I am very much worried as I am the only son of my parents and they have very high hopes on my career. 


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Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     10 May 2013

How did you think that you can have s*x with her and yet not marry?  There is nothing illegal for her in marrying you, unless she is a prostitute by profession. Best way is accept her as your wife and all your fears will vanish.

Ranee....... (NA)     10 May 2013

very good reply by Chandrashekhar.

Dibakar Ray (Advocate.)     10 May 2013

Absolutely Agreed with Mr. Chandrashekhar.

This is absolutely an insult to the lady concerned. What do you think Mr. Uma maheshwar, that you can have s*x with the lady and not accept the consequences or you are too smart to fool her.

I think the lady have done the right thing to get your signature on the stamp paper that if any thing happens to the lady you are responsible.

Above all i also think that you are absolutely an incompetent person to even marry her. But I really hope that you came clean to your conscience and make the right decision to accept her as your wife before your conscience and society.

Also kudos to the brave lady....


Uma Maheshwar (Student)     10 May 2013

I would like to reply to some points: -


1] The girl is not a minor. I am 21, she is 23.

2] At no point of time in our relationship, I promised or told her that I would marry her. On the contrary, I always told that I couldn't do so because of parental pressure and she also got involved knowing the same thing.

3] It was s*x with mutual consent, she is older than me, and got involved in it, knowing all the after-effects, and not because I promised her something.

4] All this marriage and drama was pre-planned between her and her friend. I have records of their chats to prove this.

5] They were plotting to get me in to all this from a long time, and, she is also involved with this so-called friend of her's, with whom, she planned all this.

6] I would like to repeat the same thing, I was threatened by her and her friend to sign on the document and I couldn't do otherwise because they had all my original certificates with them. I can prove that too.


In a nut-shell, from the very beginning itself, I made it clear to her that it would be a no-strings-attached relationship and she too entered it with full knowledge. I never concealed or promised anything to her. But now, she is threatening me in every way possible.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     11 May 2013

Now, she threatened suicide and forced me to marry her illegaly at a temple.


if the girl proves the marriage, then she is legally wedded wife of the author.

if the author can prove that the marriage was done by force/coersion, then the marriage will be voidable. This marriage will be open for all the legal consequences till it gets annulled by a competent court.

everything is a matter of trial !!


T R I A L !!!!!!!!!

Uma Maheshwar (Student)     11 May 2013

@Need justice


Of Course it was done without any ceremony or presence of elders, etc... Hell, even the preist was not present. Only she and her friend, the people who forced me were present.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     11 May 2013

If you were not a major (completed 21 years) on the date of marriage, it is not a valid marriage.  And secondly, if the Saptapadi had not taken place then also it is not a valid marriage.  However as you are saying in that marriage everyone present were her friends and her supporters, no one would give evidence that Saptapadi was not done.  What you have to do immediately is to file a complaint with police that you are married by them using force and you are being threatened like this.  Keep copies of evidences with you and handover only the duplicate to the police as of now.  If it is a recorded conversation you might be knowing how to create a copy of it keeping original with you. If you do not file a complaint and drag on, then the question arises why didn't you alert police when you are married forcibly by a gang of people.  If you spend a year or more it will be taken in the sense that you have accepted the marriage though performed forcibly.

Uma Maheshwar (Student)     11 May 2013


1] I have nothing else but the records of conversations between her and her friend. In that, they were planning on how to trap me. I have nothing else other than that.

2] Next, there is no marriage certificate or anything.

3] They forced me to sign on a  "NON-Judicial Document" and as far as I know, they don't stand valid in case of marriages, please correct me if I am wrong.

4] I can go to police but I am at a starting stage of my career and I can't imagine how much damage it would do to my career.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     11 May 2013

I can't imagine how much damage it would do to my career.


settle amicably.

Uma Maheshwar (Student)     11 May 2013

i tried settling amicably, din't quite work out.... i will give it another shot....

Uma Maheshwar (Student)     11 May 2013

Few more doubts: -

1] Since there is no marriage certificate or anything, how would it be legal even after 2-3 years ?

2] As stated above, there were no ceremonies or anything. How can it be legal at all?

Harsh (Manager)     11 May 2013


biologically, mentally and emotionally, that 23 year old girl is 4-5 years older than you. it is clear that she tricked you into this

whole fling and then blackmailed you to marry her. as suggested by others get all the evidences first. you should talk to a lawyer immediately.

but why was she so keen to marry YOU? are you so handsome or so rich?

under no circumstances should you share your passport details, bank details or anything. keep all your documents safe and

away (your brother/sister or some other place). she doesnt need all that.

Harsh (Manager)     11 May 2013


Since she is from SC/ST, I hope you are aware of the atrocities act, equally or worse than 498a.

you may be able to save yourself if you proactively take a legal step before she does with any false allegations.

Mango (Consultant)     11 May 2013

Uma Maheshwar @ Forgot about your career and save yourself first. If "you" gets escaped from the criminal records then you can do hundred better things than a merchant navy job. You can sail-off your own ship in deep Indian ocean's water. Let me say it clearly that if she files a case first then you will NOT be in position to either hide it from your parents or letting her ruin your career by making a false criminal against you. So, you have only two choices -


1) See if you are happy with her; if yes then start living with her. Forget about the trick or trap she used to got you. This happens all the time.


2) Don't want to live with her because of personal reasons then forget about your career, inform about this incident to your parents, hire an advocate immediately and save yourself. Don't try to play blind in this game! You really don't know the rules of this game.



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