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Arun   11 May 2016

Extortion/black mail

I have a relative in my property who was allowed enjoy the rent and income at a good will for many years now. She started running a illegal business in the property and got into trouble with the law few times. I am asking her to vacate and she is harassing me for money and in turn sending a notice to me stating that i am harassing her. As the law is biased toward women i am finding it helpless. Is there anyway i can coin some illegal stuff in the property and get her caught red handed by the law and then seal the property as disputed one? Arun


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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     12 May 2016

Yes she can.             

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     12 May 2016

Why should you, when you can file suit against her and seek eviction ?

Contact a good advocate and get her vacated, stating the past incidents of illegal activities.


the woman is not a good woman. so you must be careful since the law of this great land is biased to women.  first you get her arrested to check her and next file eviction suit. you can file FIR against her on the ground of illegal business she carried on and you can add some non bailable charges too , so that she could not get bail easily.


next, once she is in jail, file eviction suit. the ground would be illegal business. she would get evicted.

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     12 May 2016

what is the busines and how it is illegal

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Arun   12 May 2016

She is doing laundering/chit business and also was arrested for running prostituion and brothel, was left without charges because they could get substatial evendience on the latter case. I am not able to visit the place because of  shame. Can i file a defamation as well? Would it can any impact?



G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     12 May 2016

Experts advised yu a procedure which is proper and legal.  Why you wish to enter in mud and wish to make your feet dirty ?

It is not proper for civilised persons to invite or purchase troubles and the matter has to be closed for ever in proper course.  Kindly avoid further replies, if you have your own way of doing things without listing to those who have seen the world and can understand a situation.


Arun   13 May 2016

@GLN Prasad.. I am replying to Mr Sudhir Kumars question. Please ignre my reply if it is not pertinant to you. I want to make sure that there is max power used so that there is no room for her to escape to cause more trouble to me and anyone else.

Arun   13 May 2016

@GLN Prasad to answer your question " Why should you, when you can file suit against her and seek eviction?"... she is in addtion stating that the whole property is her own as she has been living in the property for 18 years and I never visited the property, while i have been making all the tax payments from my pocket. So if i just go with eviction notice it will not work??

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