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My marriage was fixed(In hindi we call it Roca) by my family in january 2016.No engagement till now.i was not interested in marrying this girl,my parents forced me into this.There was no option left for me so i asked for a bike(Royal Enfield classic 350) as dowry.The other family smartly transfered money to bank account because i was not aware that this type of transaction are never done white.All i was thinking if i ask for dowry may be the other family will refuse the marriage but it never happened.

My father promised the other family that his son(me) will definately marry their daughter and stretched this unwanted relation till date.Now after knowing that boy(me) is not showing interest in marriage.They gave threat message to my father that they will put my whole family in jail if this marriage dint happen and will make me jobless.These guys are politically strong as they say.

I am in serious trouble and always thinking about commiting suicide because i cannot live with a girl for rest of my life whom i dint even like.

My Question is what kind of action can be taken by other family to sue me.can they put my whole family behind to get rid of this marriage.

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You can go to jail on the same Royal Enfield 350 classic. 



This forum is meant to give advise not to friegthen the person.

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Your able counsel may opine to send the money back from same a/c  ( in which it was recieved) in the same a/c ( from which it was sent) alongwith accrued interest if any, with a gentle message that it is noted that some meony is deposited withtou any reason and information and is being returned.


Engage a very able counsel now.


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Your parents have committed a serious offence by forcing you into this marriage. The law requires the consent of both parties without any undue stress. If you were also not interested in this marriage why did you agree to this? You are not only putting your family at risk; you are also destroying your prospective partners life. The way you have written this in English it suggests that you are a person of high intelligence and possess good communication skills. It does not suggest that you will fall into this kind of marriage trap. Talking about dowry it is an international issue that many people are aware of. I cannot understand that you have fallen into this trap. You do not have to commit suicide do not even this about this. The only way you can come out of this situation is by engaging an able lawyer who can help you to resolve this. As suggested by the previous post that you must return the money along with any interest that has accrued would be the best advice you need to take.

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Mistake in previous sentence thus: "You do not have to commit suicide do not even think about this".
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Return the bike and money if any. take acknowledgement & get cancel the proposed marriage.


Strongest objection to somebody above who straightaway said the person can go to jail on same bike. Nevertheless, as rightly said above return everything you have taken. If they threaten you try to record such threats. At the same time try to talk this matter out first patiently. This may take time.
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With people like salman khan roaming around free, and many others like him, there is no fear of law.  Taking a penny from girls side is worse than begging.  That need to be taught to children by their parents, here the boy taken bike?  Now doing sur taal aalaap after gulping down dowry?  Such people defintiley should be in jail would be my opinion.  The querist has other options too.




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