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Hi All,


girls parents put false case against my family and myself.  i have done engagement with girl and  after that we came to know that their family is not good, they are very greedy kind of person, and we told that we will not make any further relation with their family they put false allegation on us that we don't want to do  marriage due to we are demanding more dowrry.

the case is in Bihar my family members are in Maharashtra nagpur, i want to transfer the case from Bihar to Nagpur, what is the procedure for this.

experts--- can you please help me on this.

what further steps i need to do can i put case against  them iam an engineer by profession.

my father advocate told that discussion with judge will happen after 15 days only. 

but police is trying to arrest my father as session court reject the appeal of bail of my father.

what we need to do to get  stay on arrest of my father.

Please advice what i need to do  save my family.


myself and my mother got antcipatory bail from session court my fahter  didn't get bail from session court, so he applied in High court of bihar.


my father has appeal for anticipatery bail in patna high court , and advocate is saying that it will take around 15 days more to get the bail.

in between this time can i put case against girls parents as they are calling me and giving me threat u marry to my girl otherwise i will put your father in jail.after putting the case also they are calling me and giving threats.

please suggest me what  i have to do in this situation.


Engage a local lawyer, explain the position, circumstances and dispute. Seek his/her opinion, guidence and advise and proceed.

It is the girl's side which can get the case transferred by filing transfer petition in Supreme Court.through some lawyer.



meet a local lawyer and tell the situation as court grant 15 days times means court may ordered the pp to get the status of the case from the police station 


Just ignore their threats and you go on defending the case.  Their case will be defeated as there are no proofs that you have asked for dowry.  You will come out of the case, if you are innocent. 


If you can, give a police complaint regarding threats, if there is no response from local police, meet Commisioner of Police/S.P. 


In first place, this is a case by police/state on the basis of the complaint given by their side may be on the offences of cheating or dowry demands ?  Now, as a counter case, your father may lodge a complaint against those people in the same police station or with a police station in your local home town for the offences of criminal intimidation and threats.  You have to wait for the grant of AB to your father.  You cannot get the police case transferred to your home town.


HI all,


I want to know 498a case anticipetory bail is rejected by session court, and high court is  taking time to get the bail. it will take around 15 days more.

and police is trying to arrest my father, what steps needs to be taken from our side.




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