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Guru (Sales Manager)     18 July 2013

Divorce process

Dear Members,

I had marriage on 01-Feb-2013 (Just 5 & half months over), my wife has stayed with me approx 20-25 days at my home and after that she moved at her parent house for “PAG FERA Rasham”....After that  she start refused and ignore to take my phone calls...After so many follow-ups and request she came at my house in May-2013 month....She lived 3 days at my home and gone back to her parent house again.....She has just message me don’t call and don’t come.....after many follow-ups and request she has not ready to come, and one day suddenly filed a complaint (He betting me and demand for salary) in local police station and there Mahila Volunteer suggest to do family meeting. We both had done family meeting and that time I was very positive and said come back to home....Her entire family see and listen the truth and advice her  and her parent to don’t do all these wrong steps.....and she took 2 days time to give her answer.....after 2 days she called back to back alternate days to my sister and told I need divorce and ready to proceed further and decided to go with Mutual divorce......We gave her some more few days to re think but she stick on her decision......So I consult an advocate for divorce process and advocate told me there is no any possibility for Mutual divorce without completed 1 year and told me to make 1 MoQ (Memorandum of Understanding) for my safety . I concern her for further process and she continues lingering me. Now just 1 day back she met me with her office college (Guy) and both ask me for alimony 10Lacs Rs. I just aww!!  Or else she filed the case against me....On which basis she demanding so much money! I had done maximum expanse on marriage, I took personal loan for marriage. I also paying home loan EMI almost 40% part of my salary....In between all these my father was slip down and was needed surgery, almost 1.75Lacs Rs for surgery I was spent in April 2013....that time she has also not came at my home, just came 1-2 days for formality...... there are lots of things was happened, I think 1 or 2 pages are less to mention all things.....Please advise me on below points.

Still I have not taking any action and just in defensive mode 

Now what should I do?

I have flat on my own name and 2nd name is my mom, I bought flat on home loan.....Is there any chance to demand on flat?

Advise me on alimony and maintenance... She is working  

I really have no money even currently I am not able to give 10,000 bugs as my bank balance is nil. I took loan from my family members and friend for my father’s surgery.

I have some voice records of her phone calls which I did with her.....she was very rudely talked with me.

Even she filed a complaint, that date was also wrong....I have her saved sms which was she sent me, that day she was not at my home.

I have also recorded the voice when she and her male friend demanding me money but it was not so clear due to so much noise at road side

I have also voice record of family which we had. That time she and her mother were also very rude.

Above all she has also almost one hour video recording,  when she came back at my home that time she create that kind of environment and fight with me and my 64 years old mom.....As per my knowledge I have control on my wordings and tried to control situation between my mom and her......She has just seat on sofa and not doing any house hold, that day was Sunday.  so my mom loose her temper and told her once “if she doesn’t want to do any work than give her salary to us or move to her home”.....Members please believe me, me and my mom/family are not interested in single penny of her....but my mom losing her temper and bol diya and that she recorded.

But all of these her family members except her parents are stand behind truth as I believe.

Now, please advise me what should I do at this stage?


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Looks like you are not able to tolerate her anymore.

File divorce petition.

She wont get alimony as she is working woman.

shriks........... (healyhcare)     18 July 2013 not hurry........
2. look she may be havin sm1 else in her life i think bcos no wife would create such ruckus so fast in married life ....
3. now you wait..., take notice bail or anticipatory only if you can not hurry thats what i say.........
4. let them make 1st move........who is in hurry succumbs first...... keep your cool and save would need it......
6. if you file divorce first, sec 24hma or 125crpc or dv or all 3 would start bleeding your pocket.........judgements take time.....
7. just in few months their demands would eventually come down, talk polietely and say ok to everything and buy time.....few weeks, then months.....and..months...
8.then if you both agree go for mcd you will surely save a few lakhs to party with your new friends.......

Guru (Sales Manager)     18 July 2013

Hello Helping Hand,
Are you sure? Is this right step to file divorce 1st from my side!!! What will be the chance to get me clean cheat and in how much time?

Originally posted by : Guru

Hello Helping Hand,
Are you sure? Is this right step to file divorce 1st from my side!!! What will be the chance to get me clean cheat and in how much time?

Frank advice: You want to continue with her? Continue, you will have to withstand her nakhras etc etc. If you do not want to continue and feel that its not worth continuing, then opt for divorce.

Mohini (housewife)     19 July 2013

I am hindu girl and My friend girl is divorced  in 2001, thru Deed of divorece, in sub registar office .( she is having girl baby from this husband and living with her ), she remarried 2002but due to some problems in children now she is living alone with hr own child, she had made Deed of Divorece is sub registrar office and paid all the charges of registration. Now she applied passport and officer saying that bring previous Registered deed of divorece  , she demanding from first husband but he is not giving pls let me know what she do now?Her first husband many times refused her..pls help. Passport officer saying u also bring your daughteres birth certificate, that is also with her previous husband and he is not giving. Thanks

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