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radhika (housewife)     26 September 2012

Divorce... pls help

if i file for a divorce, also i have a strong ground for it, can i demand for an Alimony? or is there nay other way i can get a divorce from my husband as soon as possible.... because he and his family has given me lot of mental and physical agony.


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Ranee....... (NA)     26 September 2012

fastest divorce MCD...takes only 6months.

radhika (housewife)     26 September 2012

ranee, can i demand for an alimony... why to leave those a**holes.... so easily.... they tortured me for the dowry... now i want to tell them... how hard money is earned.....

Ranee....... (NA)     26 September 2012

Yes .You can. But you have to prove all the allegations.R u working? 

radhika (housewife)     26 September 2012

not working...

merocksDsite (D site)     27 September 2012

Cruelty is a ground for divorce as well as judicial sepration.

andz (clerk)     27 September 2012

Hi, read your two posts(lost it badly & divorce) 1-when and if you feel that the advocate has not rendered his services fully or colluded with other side or due to negligence towards discharge of his duties has resulted in loss of a case then you can complain to the bar counsil of india and also that particular state bringing down disciplinery action against him if you can prove/convince. 2-you can approach the local concerned consumer forum. 3-when the XXXholes harassed you for dowry mentaly and physically have you lodged any complaints ? 4-and not necessary that you should go for mutual consent and even MCD has been reduced from 6 months mandatory to 1 so check out your grounds and you may get asap if you surely want to go for divorce . . . 5-and alimony or otherwise maintenance . . . . even if you are lost in lower you can go for appeal . . and also if kids then for them too . . . hope this info is of some use . . . regards anand.

merocksDsite (D site)     27 September 2012 are mentioning these in a clear-cut form "if u can prove/convince".In her query shes telling the situation where her lawyer played game on her jst lyk orally/ can she prove it?you should tell the procedure as well.

merocksDsite (D site)     27 September 2012

Two queries are there by radhika.(1)she wants divorce asap(2) she does not want to leave them so easily because of agony given by her in-laws.NOW suggest her what she had better do and why.

Rajan Bhasin (Law Student)     27 September 2012

Both conditions are contradictory to each other, On one hand you want to get out quickly and on another you dont want to leave opposite party easily. So first make up your mind.

There is only one option for faster divorce which is mutual consent. Time:6 months. Remember nobody wins in court. There will be harrassment for both husdand and wife.

If things are not working properly. Move on......

andz (clerk)     28 September 2012

 @ merocksdsite - your kind concern about the question or radhika ji is appreciated , and as you said my reply was pretty straight forward and for which she hasn't replied any so far and thirdly her question i was not able to see her point as it was highlighte with color and also was in a part .

and if she wishes she can prove/convince which would not be an issue but she's the one who's holding or knew the facts.

i should tell her how to prove . . . . . ?

and with that she'll have 3 cases/issues to pursue . . . . . . i dont know how old she is and have you taken the time it might consume pursuing these . . . . . .

@ Rajan - appreciate your approach , and yeah you are rightly said that it's pretty straight forward . . .  and hey haven't they brought down the MCD down to a month . . . . . hhmmm . . . . chalo we both will check the recent supreme court judgements and i think it was in news too . . . . 


too all no offence plz . . . .



rajiv_lodha (zz)     28 September 2012

No, cooling off period is still 6 months.

Onle SC has the power to waive it off or reduce it.................a futile execise indeed

498 A fighter (Advocate)     29 September 2012

Radhika seems to be complicated in decision she is not able to decide either live with husband or go for divorce, it may be possible after some time or after filing the case she changed her mind and start living with husband .
 so just mediation is good for her and her husband better they live apart from each othere some time and then discuss with each other calmly.

radhika (housewife)     30 September 2012

hi Andz.... i have not filed any complaint against my husband, because i  expected  things will be fine one day .. and my husband will understand my love.... ut its been 9 months i m away from my husband, he has filed an RCR... but from the last 4 months there is no Judge is appointed in Gujarat family court.... till date he has not called me once, no message, no emails... ev ery day i wait for him... but no point... as i remember all those mental toture tht he has given me.... and today what i m going throuhg a bd truma... how can i live with tht pperson.. who doesnt know what is right and worng... and i know he is just following his father's ideas.... he has filed an RCR not to stay with me but to torture me and my family.........

i wish god give me power for some time.. i will surely kill those A**holes........... i hvae been punised where  i am at no fault... they just want money from my parents.. ans wht told tht we have just got u to our hosue so tht u can earn money for us.... and lot more..... on the other hand.... my husband use to spy on me.... i was not allowed to talk to anyone.... if my collegue calls me.. he use to object so i have to keep my phone switched off.... in a private compmay there is no fixed trime like GOvt job... if i get late by 15, 20 mitnues.. he ue to doubt on me and abuses me.... lot more... its endless..... 2 yrs i tried... to save my marriage... one day i reached to a stage tht i slit my hand... but unfortunately saved.... the pain i m going throuhg ... i know it....

4WhatIsRight (partner)     01 October 2012

dear rajeev with new ruling 6 months is minimum.

for radhika all i have to say is make up your mind and be firm.

if no mediation and or counselling helps than it is better to call it a day.a good divorce is better than a bad marriage.

otherwise you will be living in a burning hell 24x7.

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