I am an nir and how to check what case i have in my name

Good Morning Sir/Madam, Myself residing overseas and I got married in 2007. My ex-wife who always would like to be at her mothers home after marriage also. Her father always comes to my home and takes the daughter away giving some excuses, we tried to find out what is the reason, they said I must go overseas and earn and she will stay in her mothers place. Meanwhile I was blessed with a daughter. I was doing well back then in India and earning well, due to this problem I was unable to concentrate on my work and my career. I faced more emotional challenges. I even complained in all-womens police station and even when for counseling in the court to find a solution, but no use. My ex-wife uncles use to threaten me also. Finally I met a lawyer they said its up to me to continue my marriage life or end it. Failing to find a neutral ground, I decided to end my marriage life. My lawyer said in 2007 you can send mutalak to her and I did so. After a year or so I shifted my self to overseas, since then I am residing here for 8 year plus. My parents are in India and around 2012 they said there is some case on myslef, my parents, and my sister and other 2 relative. When i asked them they said 482 cr.p.c and we got some anticipatory bail based on our lawyers advice. I am really tired of this case, I have't traveled back to my Country for many year and my case is forwarded to course. my parents, my sister, and relative use to attend the court. Every time they go to court they give a date and send them back. I have been 6 YEARS like this and they always tell me that I need to attend the case then only will solve. I really don't understand what to do. Even after I talak her they never objected for 1 or 2 years after I came here to settle in oversease they started this case. They never let me to work peacefully in India and now here is oversease as well. I dont understand their aim. Only thing I Understand is they always look me as an money making machine and now revenge !!! my father age 70+ my mother 60+ my sister is also having medical issues and my relatives are also in their 75 & 70s. We also dont know what the laws for this situation. I tried to find my case online but cannot find it. Even one of our Lawyer expired and my other relative also expired who's name was also mentioned in this case. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE advise me or provide me some solution. Is it possible I can face this case from oversease ? I Thank All the Laywers and team who spend their time helping me !!!

Your lawyer must have advised you that he/she can  represent you..


Is there any option of attending the hearing via video conferenc ??

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First of all you need to have a lwyer in India and then discuss all your plans with him.


For us to assist you, kindly request a KYC form via email at legaladvice@grosonadvisors.com, so the details of the case may be found.


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