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departmental proceeding in sbi bank

Sir  PO has been provided me 6 documents 1.copy of FIR (my name is not mentioned in neither FIR nor FR). Original/ certified copy also not in record of Bank. 2. Copy of an unsigned press release (my name is also not mentioned in this note also certified/ original copy is not in record of Bank) 3 A certificate letter regarding not ability of account opening form in branch  was issuesd by Branch after the date of Charge Sheet has been taken as prosecution document) PO hand over all these document with a covering letter mention that document related to XYZ officer (my name was not mentioned, instead of my nam and of he mentioned the name of other officer who is also charge sheeted in same case with different charge) p1 copy of FIR p2 copy of press note P3 branch letter regarding not ability of AOFs I have accepted geniuses of these documents. It was my ist inquiry, I was not aware that genuiness of document can not be verified with photo copy document. Inquiry is still on, In next date I want to rebut these document with the reason that documents are not related to me these documents are related to other person XYZ. Can I do this after acceptance of document?

Sir  List of prosecution which was provided to me, my name was not mentioned on it. Instead of my name an other officer name XYZ was mentioned on list of documents which I had received and accept the genuineness of these documents in last hearing date. In next date I want to rebut these documents on this ground that documents which were provided me are not related to me. Also want  make request to provide prosecution documents related to me, if any. Regards

Retired employee.

Being a responsible bank employee, what is the use you find, in repeatedly copying and pasting the same issue in different posts, when you have received proper guidance in earlier posts?

This is your issue: On the next date, I want to rebut these documents on this ground that documents which were provided me are not related to me. Also, want to make a request to provide prosecution documents related to me

Who is preventing you? You have every right to rebut those public documents already admitted.  When DR is there and he is handling a case in a professional way, complicating the case with immature thoughts is not proper.

Your acceptance or denial of a public document is not going to make any difference.  Focus on main charges framed and those documents that are connected to allegations against YOU (not the other officer).  Have balance and do not get agitated and take decisions in haste, and do not consult those who are not aware of full facts and circumstances.

As replied early.

What is the allegation against you?

In what way those documents acceptance/denial makes a difference in that charge ?



In the absence of material facts, it impossible to make any meaningful suggestion.

Dy Director

you are not describing the problem.


whny not continue under same thread as you rarlie started




why you want to be at a loss to be advised without facts.


Anyone having any little sympathy with you shall not be attempting any advise without full facts.

Retired Manager

Enough clarification was already given on the same query posted by you a few days back. 




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