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victim_of_dc_act_lost_carrier (still searching it engineer)     20 April 2012

Defamation case against wife and his lawyer


   my wife tried to fill fake 498a and child aborse case against me, my sister, my father and set mom soon after my father got married. but due to the fact revealed to local police and caw cell she was unable to do so. In her complain to caw cell she wrote that we were tring to abort child and her father died due to dowry demand but in actualty her father died before our marriage and she filling complain after one and half yr as my father got remarry due to carelessness of my wife and hampering to my earning as few days after my original mother expired and i was taking care of my father as my wife run away from home for two months to bangkok for her personal prospect. my father was ill and no one to look after him so i left my job and join him. i started small trading business start new carrier but after two months when my wife came back she again now and than start dominating me and not at all respecting me as she was getting her all financial demands fulfilled by my father and s*x demand by me.  but when i decided to start searching for software job in another city and decided to go for job search my wife was pregnant & she demanded to go to her parental house and not wanted to look after any thing. my father realised his mistake that daughter in law is not willing to allow to work his son as she is dont want to loose her command  from home and to make me free from his liabilities he got married so i can restart my search of software in another city. The day i travelled to another city my wife went to police station and filed fake complain against me, father , set mom, and sister who came to visit us for few days. She gave in written in caw cell that she can stay happy with me if other family member do not interfere in our personal life. police called me back and i agreed to her demand but it was her plan so show her good image. now she disagree to go with me and given another application that she can stay happy with me if police file 498a against us. but police people made it very clear to her that they will not file fake case so she finally come to conclusion to go with me and settle in new city. I was in impression that she came because i gave in written and i stopped every means to communicate with my parents and taking any sort of help from them too. She was plan to file new case 498a case in new city so she started harassing me now and than and forcing me to search labour job or she keep on spreading in neabours that i brought her here to harrase her and my father got married we were aborting child...... so she can take public support but after few weeks every one realise who is right. But unfortunately in our ground floor lawyer's clerk was residing and her main aim was to take his help. She got involved adultery with the lawyer uncle of guy staying in ground floor and both to gather started harrasing me now and then and she started going every with that lawyer on his bike to court when i asked she told that she filling divorce against me but it was ploy just to bring me in front of his lawyer so he  can study case from both end leave no hole for me to escape. I had one MLC to due to beating by my wife. she was misusing her pregnancy period to extream to make max she can. they plan to bring some articles from purchased by her and to show that it was send by her mother as her lawyer and she both will deny that she was working and they did too but i immediated send that article back to her home in her absence. She gave fake affidavite of her date of delivery. and one month before she and her lawyer with help of one constable beaten me and tried to make domestic violence scene. When inquiry came for protection order neibours told fact to police about lawyers involvement in our life but still court issued protection order. on first hearing they shown me missing for 15 day in court and i had nothing to prove it is fake. court issue monthly maintainance of 1500 and 5000 momenatry maintainance to her as my salary was 5000 only.  The Hided that fact of our settlement in caw cell in previous city and made fake story to drag my parents in case. i submitted caw cell proceeding in court. and written all adultery relation relation of them in my reply. no her lawyer is pressurizing me to withdraw the case and his name and she demanding 20lacs for mutual divorce.. i just was leave peacefully and search for job as i am handicap too but i doesnt seems ending. lawyers are helping her always to get their good share. last hearing after coming out from proceeding she and her lawyer attact me and my law and got threatening to my lawyer that dont come in this court for practice in presence of police. my lawyer  told me not to file case of this event and just give complain that they did so but we dont want to take any legal action against them i did same. I realize later that i did big mistake i would have filed the case. i am economically weak and no one to help me i am passing my bad time. now slowly after my family member came to know about this they are to support me.

1. Can i file police case of same incident now after one month and witness is police constable itself.

2. Can my parents file case of defamation against my wife as she is hidding fact from court and giving fake document and fact of caw cell proceeding in previous city. I have audio evidence that she brought article with her own willing forcefully and she was working in chamber of her lawyer. My lawyer did not allowed me to file this audio evidence in court but he mentioned regarding audio clips in  reply.

3. WE are not staying together neither any of her goods belong to me this was another reason she agreed to shift in new city so she can take all her articles along with her and she took too....

Please help me i know it is fight against my wife and her lawyer but sir profession doesnt say that to make money one lawyer should get involved adulterily and harass another party. Her lawyer is legal aid member so he will get paid by govt. My wife spend no even single rupee to harass us and thats reason she got involved adulterly to take advantage.

        My personal email id is u can mail me also. 

please come forward to guide honestly, facts and evidence will prove in court whether i am innocent or not.



manish tiwari


 2 Replies

M.Sheik Mohammed Ali (advocate)     20 April 2012

i hope that husband and wife could not claim defamation litigation, but either claim compensation in civil suit only. any way consider your advocate.

harikrishnan ( gazetted officer)     20 April 2012

you may take video evidence( by spy camera) when attack on you &  whenever going together with advocate take video it may useful for adultery, and it may submit by email commissioner of police.

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