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My Stepmother has taken money from people around the town stating my name. She was also once booked and thown in jail for a Cheating case against someone else.I have not been able to visit my town due this. Can I file a defamation case against her? What are my chances to succeed?  How the process will take?



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The chances of succeding would always depend on the evidences you are relying upon. 


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You have already won before even starting because she is a certified criminal for cheating. Tell all those lenders about it. Why are you scared to go to your own town? Not needed. Also she cannot sue you for telling others about her history because she is certified convict for cheating. But did she forge your signature etc to get money or just cheated them using her cheating capabilities? This is very important before you think about filing any case.

There are no ingredients of defamation just because your stepmother took money by giving your name. Defamation is act of stating something wrong knowing the same is wrong which will result in lowering of your image before gerneral public/society. Hence try some other remedy.



See going to hon'ble court might be last option. But its not about defamation. what would you earn if even proven right? Hope you have remedies in place



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