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gdk (student)     09 August 2010


dear friends,

in my cross-examination opposite lawyer (dvc case)is asking questions only relevant to monetary aspects, not on impotency of my husband, misbehaviour of my father-in-law and mis-behaviour of my mother-in-law.

i wanted to tell court about everything what happened with me in my in-laws house.

and my lawyer is saying that you can answer only to questions asked by opposite lawyer.

help me, can i tell by my own anything in the court.



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Dhara Shah (Law Officer)     09 August 2010

Yes, it is correct that you have to answer only those questions which are being asked to you by the opposite lawyer, but your lawyer can attached ssome medical proofs showing the impotence of your husband, as well as you can also ur neighbours as witness for the misbehaviour being done to you by your inlaws.



Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     09 August 2010

During cross examination one should have to answer aptly. Every answer is not benficial to you it may also damage to your case. So generally it is adviced to answer on the point only. The details you want to say before court , would have said by you in your  examination in chief. I think your lawyer is saying correct.

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     09 August 2010

Whatever you do, train or tutor if an advocate is expert he can demolish any case examination by leading question and seeking answers in yes or no.

And Mr Prabhakar it becomes very defficult for expert of experts witness to withstand the bullets of cross examination if if and if property and sequntially planned.

And in such circumstances the witness is not given any time to think to volenteer information. Most of the time he / she just does the opposite.


Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     09 August 2010

in your cross examination,

firstly, your lawyer questioned to you. perhaps he extracted all information, which you want to raised before the court. it is the job of your lawyer.

secondly, respondent's lawyer question to you. he can ask only all relevant questions. if the question is irrelevant you may complain the court through your lawyer. he has the liberty not to ask any question.

respondent's lawyer tactfully avoid the troublesome questions for them.

" not on impotency of my husband, misbehaviour of my father-in-law and mis-behaviour of my mother-in-law. "  - have you putted all these matters, in your witness at the examination in chief, ie, where your lawyer asked you and you answered. are you satisfied in your witness? confirm it in next post.

your anxity is correct. lawyer of one party take bribe from the other party. therefore please be careful. very particularly where 498a or dv case going on. in case of maintenance,-  it also happen.

you may collect the certified copy of your witness by paying a small fees to court. you personally may apply for it. ask for urgent copy. after getting certified copy, you will be confirmed that - what happened in reality.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     09 August 2010

please read - lawyer of one party may take, instead of lawyer of one party take


please read - what happened in reality in regard to your evidence.

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@ Arup ji

Arey arey how you can generalise "lawyer of one party takes bribe from another party..." There are some good Titans too.

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Roopsi (student)     11 October 2010

thank u prabhakar sir for the knowledge.

Roopsi (student)     11 October 2010

thank u prabhakar sir for the knowledge.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     11 October 2010

Mr. Prabahakar. I appreciate the simplicity and jargon free language with  which you have thrown light on an important aspect of the court proceeding. Thank you very much. 

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swatirswatir (learning law)     12 October 2010

HOW IMPORTANT IS EXAMINATION/cross-examination in civil case vs in a criminal case?

valentine (Advocate)     12 October 2010

Very well answered. The less the better, but when the applicant has extra information to negate the intended question he/she can volunteer for the same.

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Jamai Of Law (propra)     12 October 2010


Have you taken up any interviews etc?


You have to drag the the questioner in the territory where you want to walk.


You always have to find avenues to volunteer fo your benefit!!

"Money & financial pampering can't give solace to lacunas in matrimonial life and cannot disperse/wash away the misconduct and mistreatment towards a wife by wife's in-laws."

Love and respect is more important than money.

Money in alimony and maintenance etc, is merely going to compesate the wife 'partially only as token of panaecea' for her losses and but loss incurred is tremendous, irrecoverable, unimaginable and unestimatable even if guilty parties are made to give-up the whole of their property to aggrieved wife!!



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